Why cannot find a developer?

By September 19, 2018
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Ah the developer, this profile those recruiters are snapping! Business needs in IT development are constant and growing, especially with mobile technology. The technologies evolve very fast, and these code handlers are the only ones to be able to give them a concrete and effective answer. But the competition is tough, and you are not alone in looking for a good developer! To attract the developer you are looking for, it is not easy, and you will not tell me the opposite!

You do not know who you want to recruit

Quick question: do you want to hire the best developer possible or do you want to fill an urgent need? This question may seem at first sight useless, and yet! Either you want to buy a nugget, or you want to cut one yourself. And in between, there is a gap regarding time and budget.

You do not speak the same language as the developers

Well, that’s a pretty simple statement to make. Although it is necessary to qualify my remarks. If you operate in a startup, you are used to frequent the (soft) world of development on the web. Moreover, the world of startups is in great need of these specialists, so much so that the shortage of developers plumb their activity. On the other hand, it creates sense when it comes to connecting a recruiter or a business leader who is working in a large group or an SME and a developer. We fall into the situation where the recruiter comes from Mars and the candidate of Venus.

Your developer offers are not attractive

To attract the best talents and trigger the desire to join you, it’s the same as when you find physically in front of a supermarket: you will go to the most attractive packaging! On this theme, I invite you to read this excellent article by Jean Christophe Anna that goes in this direction: An enriched job offer for a better candidate experience

You do not highlight your company

We touch on another essential point. As I said a little earlier, developers are highly sought-after profiles by recruiters. According to the latest study conducted by Cap Digital and Multi-Posting, it is a stingy sector. As companies search more and more skilled people in the digital world, especially developers, the volume of candidates is not growing fast enough, which increases the tensions in the digital recruitment market.

To attract the best, you must capitalize on the image of your company. By developing your employer brand and putting a digital strategy in place for this population, you will be able to capture their attention.

Your project is not innovative enough

Did you see that in the US, the Python language is already a reference in the United States? In France, the Java language comes first. J2E developers are on the rise. In the top skills most requested in job offers, we find the PHP, C, and .net which are rather old technologies. We must not forget that a new group of developers is coming and that we will have to adapt to their new skills.

You do not look for developers where they are

There, we touch on a problem related to sourcing. As I supposed at the start of this article, to find the ideal developer, you have to get to know him. For example, did you know that Github is a platform full of great developers? Still, need to look at a minimum. And I advise you to do it, especially since Github offers users to turn they’re competing into a resume. It might be interesting to do a little research on Google to highlight the developers who are there.

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