The Most Demanding Programming Languages in 2019

By November 28, 2018
programming language

Programming languages are emerging into the bigger picture faster than ever. Programming languages tend to fade away in the course of time. A programming language that is mainstream today might become obsolete tomorrow. Thus, developers need to be updated regularly about the fresh skills. In the 2019, we have witness various languages marking top places in the list. Considering the dynamic nature of the software development.

We have analyzed various programming languages, frameworks, and stacks, coming up with the most popular programming language in 2019. We assessed various job postings on different forums about different programming languages. Following are the most popular programming languages in 2019. Read along to discover everything:


JavaScript is one of the oldest and most adapted programming languages. This language is impressively popular today. There is no surprise on the fact that the best web design company utilizes JavaScript, and more than 80 percent of the developers and 95 percent of the websites use JavaScript for the dynamic content on the website. Different front-end frameworks for JavaScript including the Angular JS and React hold great potential as the Internet of Things and mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular.


The C++ has changed slightly in the past days. There is an extension for the old-school C, and C++ is generally utilized for system/app, game development, hardware driver, embedded firmware, client-server app and more. Different programmers discover C++ to be quite complex and difficult to understand and use such as the Python or JavaScript. However, it remains to be in use in different legacy system at large companies.


Java has lost on its popularity by around six thousand job postings in this year when compared to the last year. However, it is still a well-established language. Java is about twenty years old, and utilized by about millions of developers and billions of devices around the world.

Java is said to run on different hardware and operating system through the Java Virtual Machine. Nearly every Android app is based on Java and about ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies utilize Java as the server side language for backend programming. When talking about the CMS, there are different top CMS systems that experts prefer. Both the versions – Java Enterprise Edition Eight and Nine were launched in last year. The Eclipse Foundation took control over the Java EE from Oracle.


Python has grown in term of popularity by around five thousand job postings in the last year. It is more of the general-purpose development language utilized for web development and support language for developers. Moreover, Python is increasingly utilized for scientific computing, machine learning, and data mining. The consistent growth of Java and requirement for machine learning developers has given way to popularity of the Python.

C# or C Sharp

C Sharp lost its demand in current year. The language is object oriented and designed to run on Microsoft’s Dot Net platform, making development rapid and easier than the previous languages. The 7.2 version came out recently, including more features inclined towards getting rid of unwanted copying. C++ is often used in the development of video games. Any good video game developer can perform well in learning both of the languages.


PHP is a scripting language that is utilized for the server side development. Many of the PHP developers tend to use this language for web development, adding functionalities to HTML that it can’t handle otherwise for interacting with MySQL database.


Perl lost about three thousand job postings and remained in the 7th position in our assessment. Both the versions i.e. Perl 5 and 6 thrive, and this language stays to be the most popular for network administration.


SQL is one of the most adapted standard query language for saving, retrieving, and controlling data in different databases. Although this language isn’t a programming language as it lacks loop and basic functions, however, the extensions like SQL/PL have provided this language with even more. SQL has a significantly higher demand in the job market. Currently, there are more than thirty thousand job postings for SQL than any other popular programming language. If you want to learn a fresh language, then SQL can come into handy.

Final Words

So far, we have revealed the most demanding programming languages for the year 2019. Though there are more popular languages such as Joomla, WordPress, OpenCart, and many more. However, these languages have proven to be best development languages for web development. If you know about more popular development languages, then feel free to mention them.