By March 18, 2021

Do you want to relocate your WordPress site to a new host or to a new server? Well, you have a few options with which you can do that, such as using the drag and drop option with the Duplicator Pro plugin, the most powerful migrating tool. With the unmatched popularity of WordPress, it has become quite common for people to migrate website to WordPress. However, there could be situations where you might not be satisfied with your current host and would prefer to shift your WordPress website to a new host or even to a new server. Of the various options available, using the Duplicator Pro has fast become the preferred choice.

Before you decide to migrate to a new host or move your website to new server, one very important thing you need to be aware of is the risk of losing crucial data and downtime during the migration exercise. If this happens, your website might become temporarily unreachable to your users and the search engines. Needless to say, it can severely affect your business and you may lose crucial ranking points. This article explains the procedure to safely migrate your WordPress website without any downtime.


As mentioned above, Duplicator is one of the most powerful website migrating tools available in the market. It allows you to move your WordPress website to a new host or to a new server without any downtime. For development purpose, you can pull down a live site to a local host. The website, or a part of it, can be manually backed up and the backup can then be restored. Also, you can duplicate a live site to a staging area or the other way round. You can even bundle up an entire website for effortless reuse and allocation. All in all, Duplicator allows to fully migrate your WordPress website without any hassle of import and export.

The Migration Procedure using the Duplicator Plugin

The steps involved in the installation or restoration of a website are briefly explained below.

·         Build a package: The first step in the migration process is to build a package on the current site. Remember not to filter any table or core directories, or else the Drag and Drop function may not work properly. Once the package is built, click the on the download button on the row connected to it. Then select the Archive option to save the installer.php and archive on your computer.

·         Now install the Duplicator Pro on the target site: The plug-in can be installed in the same way as you did on the original site, that is, go to Plugins>> Add New>> Upload and then Activate.

·         Next, go to the import screen on the destination site and click on Duplicator Pro and then on Import.

·         Pull the archive to the destination site: The archive that you downloaded and saved earlier has to be dragged to the import area of the destination site to begin the upload procedure.

·         Before launching Installer you should review the details of the package.

·         Set a Recovery Point if Necessary: This step can be skipped if you are not concerned with maintaining the content of the target site in case there is some problem. Otherwise, before continuing further, you must create a recovery point so that you can revert to a version of the target site if some problem occurs. After setting the recovery point, refresh the page so that it gets selected. Recovery point enables you to restore the site to the original state. You need to mark package as recovery point and save the related URL. In case there is a problem, you can go to the saved URL and launch the installer and your site will be restored. You should also save the recovery URL at a safe place so that you don’t have any problem in case you want the site to be restored to the position of the recovery point package.

·         Continue & Overwrite: Now that you are ready to install all you need to do is click on the Continue and Overwrite button. The installer will then overwrite the current site with the archive that you had earlier dragged to the target site. After the installer has finished the overwriting, you just need to click the Admin Login button.

Briefly explained above is the procedure of relocating a WordPress site using Drag and Drop with Duplicator Pro. In earlier articles, we had discussed how to migrate a website to WordPress, especially how to convert HTML to WordPress, but this article explains the migration process of WordPress website in case you want to change the host or want to switch to a different server.

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