How to Create Engaging and High Converting Landing Pages

By December 4, 2018

Every online business owner wants to capture more leads and business opportunities through their landing page. But the truth is most landing pages have low conversion rates. That’s why most people complain about it.

Landing page is the first thing visitors notice when they come on your website. An engaging and great landing page is the one that targets a particular audience and provides them with the information they are seeking to get. The first impression plays a very important role, if they are satisfied with the information and the look of your website then they will surely commit to your call-to-action.

Here are some of the tips to help you design a landing page that’s effective enough to convert visitors and get them to purchase or subscribe.

Target Specific Audience:

Increase the relevance of your landing page and get more customers. If you try to promote more than one thing on your landing page than it will be an ineffective marketing strategy. Giving too many solutions on a single landing page will be a great mess. This way your audience will get panic and will leave the page instantly. So, instead of putting everything on one landing page try creating different landing pages, each targeting a specific portion of your audience.

Choose Right Tools:

While creating landing pages in wordpress you can find a lot of helpful tools and plugins. There are so many landing page wordpress plugins available but you have to choose the right one. Here are some of the best tools and plugins:

  • Unbounce:

It is the best “drag and drop” tool for beginners. You can pick elements (text boxes, images, forms, etc.) from the side menus and simply drag them into a section on your landing page.

  • Launchrock:

It is used to create “Coming Soon” landing pages. If you’re looking for a page to quickly put up while you work on launching your business or product, Launchrock is one of the best landing page tools you can find.

  • Optimizely:

It is the best split testing tool to use on your website.

  • Browsershots:

Browsershots helps you to check how your landing page shows up in multiple browsers.

  • Leadpages:

With its analytical section, leadpages allows you to split test landing pages and see how they are performing.

  • Content:

You must provide dicreet content on your landing page keeping in mind the product or service you are selling. The content must be to-the-point. Speak to your audience using plain language and tell how you can make their lives better.

  • Heading:

Write an eye-catching headline that will impress your customers. It’s one of your first opportunities to influence your conversion rate.

  • Sub-heading:

The sub-heading further explains the title to showcase or discuss actual offers.

  • Call to Action:

Use clear and actionable call-to-action buttons that encourage visitors to purchase, signup or do something else. Use colors and animations in your call-to-action buttons adding to the overall impression your brand aims to create.

Make Your Landing Page Mobile Friendly:

It has shown that mobile-friendly sites can double the conversions. So, it is essential that your landing page must be mobile-friendly as nearly 30% of all the web activity comes from mobile. Your landing page should be easy-to-navigate, ultra clickable and fast loading on mobile devices.

Keep Lead generation Forms Short:

While designing a landing page, keep your forms short and demand only essential information. As an online marketer you want to get more and more information from users but in landing pages less is more. Because if you give more and more fields the less chance you have of them filling out the form. But you can get more info on the Thankyou Page. If you need a form on landing page, only request essential things.

Use Alluring Images:

Just like content, images can also enhance the way user engage with your offer. Images can help you generate positive emotions that make people want to buy. But you should know the art of using them wisely. Because images also increase the effectiveness of your landing page.