Drupal or WordPress, Which is better?

By October 3, 2018
Drupal vs Wordpress

Well, both commonly used CMS platforms. To decide among Drupal v/s WordPress which one is the best and why, depends upon your long term or short term goal. With not much difference though, Future Profilez give you the best features, it is for you to choose your accordingly. we are the best drupal and wordpress development company in India. We are not only an answer to Drupal and WordPress development, but also THE answer to any web related queries.

Check on and decide which is the best CMS-  Drupal v/s WordPress

Open Source solutions: Both are free to use and hence are customizable to meet up the customer’s specific needs.

Strong community support: Since both are widely known, it’s not difficult to find supporters and they can easily solve your any confusions.

Easy accessible: Both are easy to use and accessible. The users may have  differences over which one to choose the best, yet both are widely popular and convenient to use.

Till here, we saw the similarities. Now, let’s peep onto differences:

Users: WordPress is used by 29% websites and has an average of 60% of CMS market.

While Drupal, is used by 2.3% of websites and 4.6% of share market.

@ Design team: A pie diagram shall be apt here.

Plugins: WordPress has around

  • 53,000+ free plugins, including thousands of more premium plugins
  • 5,000+ free themes, including thousands of more premium themes

Drupal on the other hand;

  • 39,000+ modules
  • 250 themes

But if one includes modules compatible with Drupal 8; the figure may drop down to

4,000 modules and 250 themes.

As far as functionality goes, no wonder Drupal is more complex than WordPress, but because of this Drupal has lots of functionality. But here, need is the king. As per your need, you may choose what is best for you.

Originally designed as a blogging platform, it is true that WordPress does not have the same capability as Drupal. Drupal can support thousand of users and pages too. Drupal 8 has improvised page performance including it’s caching features.

Well, all we can say is Drupal is more powerful CMS among the two due to its extra plus features. But again we say, it all depends upon your project needs. If you are still confused, you may hire an expert website developer or choose the best WordPress and drupal development company in India to do the job.

At FutureProfilez, we provide you the best solutions to your web based questions. We have the best team working under us.

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