Don’t know how to Design an Animated Logo? Things to Remember!

By December 18, 2018

Yes, sometimes it becomes difficult to create a logo that matches the needs of a brand’s logo. Though there are hundreds of animated logo service providers,still sometimes you don’t get what you look for.

Animation is not the art of drawing that move but the art of movements that art drawn.” – Norman McLaren

As McLaren says, animation collects the movement together to develop something amazing. Thus, when it comes to animated logo, your focus is on how to deliver the message so that it leaves the maximum impression. However, in this age where every brand wants to make a mark, striving for moving and interesting logos is natural.

Things to Remember When Designing an Animated Logo

Here a few things to remember when creating an animated logo:

Keep the Concept Original 

When talking about animated logos, the one thing should be original and powerful – concept. People love animated logos and are easily attracted to them, only if they are original.

Elephant animated logo

Yes, every brand does its best to build uniqueness, but only a few succeed. However,some animated brand logos have done a good job. Thus, the first thing you have to do is think of an ‘out of the box’ idea for your logo. While doing so, the most efficient way is to develop a design that focuses on the primary goal of the brand.

Strive to Generate an Emotion  

If you want people to love your logo, focus on generating some kind of emotion out of it. Humor, fun, excitement, etc. any emotion can be provoked from an animated logo, depending on your brand’s need. If not anything else, at least try to surprise them the moment they see the logo. As an effective logo develops interest and curiosity, there are chances people will remember your logo for a long time. Additionally, it would be great if you add a pleasant feeling to the logo.

Show Creativity    

An animated logo maker is someone who has creativity in his\her mind all the time. Do you agree?

Creativity a tool that can be used against competition, so why not take the most out of it. If your team is creative enough to design something eye-catching and striking, let your team design one, otherwise, you can always hire an agency from outside.

Another benefit of having creative instincts is that your design will always look original to people. Creativity is something that can never go unnoticed and therefore, let it rule your logo design. Consider all the key aspects when designing a logo for your brand.

Develop A Story

It would be better if you can explain the goal of your brand through the animated logo. Most animated logo service providers know the importance of story telling and that’s why they try to create a story in a logo. As an animated logo can be more interesting than a static, people expect more from an animated logo.Therefore, you need to put more emphasize.

In fact, delivering a story through animation is much easy and effective, so don’t let this opportunity slip from your hands. Get the best from a story and let people talk about your logo even in their regular discussions. 😉

Make it a One-Time Shot

animated logo design company

It’s a long term investment, therefore, professionals try to give their best in the very first shot. No brand wants to spend too much time and money on something,therefore, it’s a good idea to create an animated logo. Additionally, to keep up with the advancement in technology you need to upgrade your styles from time-to-time. To meet all these requirements an animated logo is a must.

By saying a one-time shot, I mean an animated logo has everything that may be a future need. An animated company logo maker knows that generating humor, fun, excitement or anything else, it is the sum total of what a brand may need in a logo.     

Should Offer a Pleasant First Experience

The first experience has to be simply the best. Isn’t it?

There are debates whether the first impression is the only way to make a good impression or there are other ways. Whatever be the result of all these, a logo still has the ability to make a strong impression at the very first glance.Therefore, creating a good logo means you would need to make a strong impression amongst people.

 A Small Piece of Advice

Let’s do this job a bit simple for you:

  1. Before initiating, first, focus on your primary objective of the goal.
  2. Keep your animation fun and exciting.
  3. Try experimenting with your ideas bring out something new to people.
  4. Keep the animation short and crisp (less than 10 seconds). Remember, most animated brand logos are taking the market to a different level.