A Closer Look At How Web Developers Can Take Web Design To The Next Level

By May 6, 2019
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A web development company can assist their clients in a number of ways but those who are looking to get the most out of their web development processes will want to learn as much as possible. The top web development companies can assist clients in a number of ways but the business will need to arm themselves with the necessary knowledge.

It all starts by taking a closer look at web design principles. There are certain web development and web design principles that are geared towards taking a site to the next level. While the top web development companies can certainly provide a great deal of assistance, it is time to learn more about the specifics of how a web development company assists their clientele.

Prioritizing Speed

The top web development companies are always able to prioritize speed. They know how important speediness is to the modern browser. When a website is slow to load, this decreases the browser’s willingness to return. This is one of the least debated topics when it comes to the world of web development.

A web development company needs to show that they have the proper level of dedication to speed if they are going to help their clients achieve their goals. Worst of all, slow speeds are also going to be factored into the company’s search engine rankings and this takes us directly to our next point.

Search Engine Optimization

The most well-designed site is not going to reach its full potential unless browsers are actually able to find it. This is something that a web development firm will be more than happy to assist with. If there any common mistakes being made that affect search engine rankings, the top web development companies know how to eradicate them.

It could be something as simple as a poorly written meta description or an image that takes too long to load. While these types of concerns are typically not serious in nature, the damage that they cause to search engine rankings is. Once a site slides down in the rankings, it is tough to reverse the trend. Preventive medicine is best in these instances.

Including The Right Media Files

Sure, the average website is going to come with all sorts of awesome pictures and cool animated images but what does that mean for the actual health of the site? Are these images being leveraged in the proper manner or they are causing more problems than they actually fix?

Including the proper media files is a great way to shoot up the search engine rankings. Conversely, those who do not include the right images are only going to cause their site to experience further difficulty. This is something that needs to be addressed before the site goes liveā€¦.not after.

Providing Plenty of Choices

Those who have past web development experience are probably well aware of Hick’s Law. This law is a simple one to understand. It is all about the concept of choice. If the consumer is given plenty of choices to choose from, they are far more likely to make a selection than if they did not have the same freedom of choice.

Studies show that this law tends to hold true in most instances. The fewer choices the consumer has, the more likely they are to shop elsewhere. The best web developers give their clients the tools that they need so that the necessary freedom of choice can be provided.

Embracing Simplicity

One of the more common mistakes that is made when designing a site has to do with the concept of simplicity. In many instances, a site runner will decide that they need all of the bells and whistles. This is an honorable point of view but it doesn’t account for the fact that browsers prize simplicity.

No one wants to visit a bare-bones site but no one wants to be confused by all sorts of unnecessary jargon and imagery. The top web development companies are able to split the difference and provide browsers with the needed simplicity.

Compressing Information

The site should be centered around the idea that more consumers will be scrolling than clicking. Gone are the days when the average consumer accessed websites from their personal computers. Now that the smartphone is king, websites have to be designed with the specifics of this reality firmly in mind.

A top-notch developer shows their clients how to compress information more neatly. This keeps the browser from having to do any unnecessary clicking. It may seem counterproductive to place everything on one long page. However, studies show that this is the best course of action.

Presenting Visual Cues To Guide The User

Today’s browser is far more likely to respond to visual cues than ever before. Instead of waiting for verbal cues, they are looking to visual cues that will show them where to click. The more reading that the browser has to do, the less likely they are to return to the site at a later date. They are also less likely to recommend the site to their closest friends and loved ones.

Directing the focus of the consumer is simple. Best of all, the attention of the visitor does not have to be gained in an over the top manner. A state of the art web development firm will show their clients how to provide the visual cues that are needed, while allowing for a sense of subtlety.

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