8 Tips to Create Effective Script for a Whiteboard Video Animation

Effective Script for Whiteboard Video Animation

The most important part of making any video animation a successful piece of work is to create a compelling script. If the video does not follow a good and valuable storyline, then the video is more likely to be disliked by the audience.
Following are mentioned the most useful tips to create a perfect script for the whiteboard video animation.

Learn About the Clients

It is always necessary to know the clients before you take their project in your hands. Gaining knowledge about the clients and their previous experience with the services they currently want from you will only help you to recognize is it even safe to have this client or will he bring trouble for you or your company.
Also, it is important that you should know why they want the animated video and what type of scripting are they looking for. Since there are many online tools available on the internet for creating a whiteboard animation video, many clients approach the video animator after giving a try to create the custom whiteboard animated online.

Gain Knowledge About Their Business

You should know what the client’s company deals in, what product they sell or what services do they offer. If you want to create the best script for the whiteboard animated video, it is mandatory that you should take about the business to know the theme that you need to carry in the script.

Think Distinctively & Artistically

Being an animator or a scriptwriter might sound easy for many people, but the fact is that it needs a lot of imagination to create the characters and bring the fragmentation of the mind into a reality. Especially for the scriptwriters of the whiteboard animation needs to think according to premises of the client company’s theme.

Story Should Be Able to Speak With the Audience

The story must follow a very unique outline and must be very engaging that the audience should not lose their interest in it. The story must be able to communicate with the audience. It should be appealing enough that the audience gets attracted towards it, and they will enjoy the story the video is telling them which is of course followed by the high-quality animation.

Attract The Audience By Utilizing Their Guise In the Story

For clutching the attention of the audience, it is necessary that you should learn about the audience of the client’s company, and use their persona as the characters of the script to get hold of their thoughtfulness. The audience will definitely get involved in the video if they can relate the characters to themselves. Just make sure that you don’t use any content that might sound offensive to the audience.

Highlight The Problems & Discuss the Solutions

Remember that you are being hired by someone to create a story to educate the audience about the problems for which the client’s company is providing the solutions. Do not at any cost, in your script, forget to highlight the issue that people are facing and the way out the company is providing.

Provide Clarity to The Script

The script must be able to deliver the accurate meaning to the audience and with precision as well. If the content is vague, the audience will eventually start to lose their interest in the script. The company’s message should be delivered vividly to the people.

Read Out The Script In An Audible Voice

You should read your script to yourself in an audible voice so that you will know whether the story is suitable or does it need any alterations. When you hear the script then only you will be able to make a judgment call whether you should carry on with the animation process with this script or not.


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