5 Powerful Lead Generation Tips For Lawyers

By June 12, 2019

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The legal space has become increasingly competitive and attorneys must create an effective plan to cultivate useful leads. In this article, we are discussing some top lead generation tips for lawyers which they can use to find more clients. All these ideas involve leveraging the digital arena for the benefit of legal practitioners. Most professionals hire a lawyer website development firm to get an interface for their firm or practice. However, a majority of them hardly ever explore the immense opportunities that the website provides them. Let’s take a look at some powerful ideas that can be used to angle in more clients.

  • Regularly Post Blogs On Topics Which Interest Your Target Audience

Blogging is one of the best ways to engage with new potential clients. A blog section must be attached to every legal website. Attorneys must find out the kind of topics their target audience is interested in. They must regularly create helpful and interesting content on these subjects. Providing helpful answers to people who are actively searching for them will be helpful in building up a good reputation. Take care to ensure that you use a conversational tone while writing the content. Do not use too much legal jargon and write in an easy to understand manner. This will be helpful in projecting your image as a knowledgeable entity in your field.

  • Use Podcasts To Reach Out To New Audiences

Lawyers need to be innovative in order to reach out to new audiences. Podcasts can help lawyers get in front of more and more potential clients. They can create material on relevant topics or a current legal affair even if it is not related to their domain. The idea is to project the professional as an authoritative legal voice. Professionals who do not have the time to create and release regular podcasts can appear as guests on other’s broadcasts. There are many legal podcasts which are constantly looking for guests who can help them create engaging content. This will expose you to more and more people and also help in networking with other professionals.

  • Implement SEO Best Practices To Optimize Your Website

One of the most effective lead generation tips for lawyers is also the most repeated one. Your website is the cornerstone of all your digital promotional efforts. It needs to be geared for SEO to drive better results. Implement the SEO best practices by ensuring the content is original and optimized properly. Every page must have a suitable title and meta description. Moreover, the user experience of the website must also be optimized. All the pages must load quickly in all popular browsers. The interface must be responsive so that it is easily accessible on all devices. This will ensure that the interface sees good traffic and low bounce rate which will ultimately help improve its SERP positions.

  • Share Proof Of Success With The Audience

People want to make sure that they are hiring a dependable and knowledgeable lawyer. How do you communicate such qualities to your audience? A good way to demonstrate your expertise is by sharing proof of your success with the audience. Showcase any awards that you or your firm have won, on the website and other digital platforms. In case, you were involved in a successful high-profile case, do mention it on your interface. Remember to share your achievements on social channels which are a good platform to engage audiences. Sharing proof can encourage people to get in touch and schedule consultations.

  • Invest In Online Advertising

Try searching for any kind of lawyers in your geographical location on Google. For instance, type personal injury lawyers in New York in the search box. The first couple of results are paid adverts and as you scroll down you will come across the organic results. Paid online advertising is an effective way to get in front of relevant audiences quickly. You can invest in PPC ads to target keywords which your audience uses. Chances are that a smartly drafted ad will catch their eye and they will think of giving you a try. You can also post ads on social networks like Facebook to get in front of relevant audiences.


These are some powerful lead generation tips for lawyers which can help them connect with more and more potential clients. Attorneys must explore all digital platforms to promote themselves and reach out to relevant audiences.

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