Top 7 most secure and private browsers for iOS

By January 24, 2019
private browsers for iOS

Privacy and security are two major concerns when browsing the internet. Nobody wants to give out data to all the entities that collect it. Are you an iOS user with a need for privacy and security? Don’t want to hand out data when you’re browsing everything from Frontier bundles to TV guides? This blog lists down seven top browsers for private and secure sessions on your iOS device. Read on to explore what browsers to download.

7 Secure and Private Browsers for iOS:

What do you look for in a browser? Personally, I look at three things. Ease of use, security, and privacy are what make or break a browser in my book. After going through endless browsers on the App Store, I finally shortlisted 7 good ones that meet my standards. Here are the top 7 best browsers for private and secure internet use on your iOS device:

  1. Secret Browser
  2. VPN Browser
  3. Ghostery Privacy Browser
  4. Firefox Focus
  5. iCab Mobile
  6. Red Onion
  7. Puffin Web Browser Pro

Let’s take a closer look at what each browser has to offer.

Secret Browser

The first browser on our list is Secret Browser. It works reasonably well with both iPhones and iPads. The main reasons I like it are that it is fast, user-friendly and simple. Secret Browser lets you trace anyone who has used your device. You can also set it to wipe all browsing history and cookies every time the screen locks. The browser also features an orientation lock. This lets you keep your browser in either landscape or portrait mode all the time. Secret Browser also supports as many multiple tabs as your iPhone or iPad can handle.

VPN Browser

VPN Browser is an advanced Tor-powered browser that’s the second one on our list. It is feature-rich, private, secure, and most importantly, works with iPhones and iPads. The browser prevents third parties from monitoring your internet activities and the sites you visit. It also masks your real IP from websites and supports multiple tabs. It detects and blocks pop-ups and seamlessly supports audio and video streaming. Internet access over VPN Browser is tunneled through tor and it has some of the most advanced privacy features in the market.

Ghostery Privacy Browser

This is one of the most user-friendly browsers available on the App Store. The browser is fairly powerful and automatically blocks most online trackers. It also comes with several advanced features that make it one of the best options in private browsing. These features include one of the largest tracker databases in the business. You can disconnect from all trackers at the simple tap of a button. You have one-click access to remove your cookies and clear cache memory.

Firefox Focus

The Firefox Focus app is one of the most secure private browsers available for iPhones and iPads. It lets you conveniently delete cookies, passwords and browsing history. It also blocks unwanted ads that you don’t like seeing. The app is configured for faster downloads while using less data than other browsers. Firefox Focus automatically blocks most online trackers in use today. Get it for a secure, ad-free browsing experience.

iCab Mobile

iCab Mobile is among the best mobile browsers that work on iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. It is one of the best options for secure and private browsing, thanks to several unique features. The browser lets you open links, bookmarks, multiple tabs and features a full-screen mode as well. It lets you easily upload files on mobile web pages and you can save web forms for later use. It also lets you export or import bookmarks from your other browsers. The best thing about iCab is that you can create multiple accounts, each with its own privacy settings and filters.

Red Onion

Red Onion is a very powerful, tor-based browser that lets you browse the entire web securely and with privacy. It even lets you bypass restrictions set by your office, school or public wi-fi filters. It even lets you securely and anonymously access websites on the dark web. The advanced browser comes with several cutting-edge features. These include tunneled internet access over the tor network and masking your real IP address. It also features tabbed browsing, history and bookmark management, and even touch ID and password-protected access. You can access anything on the web without leaving any traces on your iPhone or iPad. Surf the web with complete anonymity.

Puffin Web Browser Pro

The final browser on our list is the Puffin Web Browser Pro, available for iPhones, iPads, and iMessage. It is currently one of the fastest and most secure browsers on the App Store. It has an extremely fast loading speed as well as cloud-based adobe flash support. The browser also lets you download content to your cloud and has a theater mode for a good viewing experience. Its data saving options are a huge blessing for my FiOS internet plans. Stream and download more content while using less data than many other available web browsers. Puffin Web Browser Pro also has interesting features like a virtual gamepad, a mouse pointer simulator, and synchronized bookmarks. This is our best recommendation for private browsing on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

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