3 Tips You Should Know When Marketing Medical Tools

By January 30, 2019

Marketing medical tools, made through injection molding in China, can be a very difficult task for your company. One, it is never cheap. Two, the market is very specific and small since there are only so many physicians and doctors to sell to. Lastly, these physicians are one of the hardest people to convince due to their credentials.

Thus, you will need to know these tips when it comes to marketing medical tools.

Pitching to physicians

Physicians are one of the hardest people to sell to. They are critical, busy, and do not have to time to listen to fluff. They have patients and appointments to attend to.

So as not to waste their time, make a solid sales pitch. A sales pitch is meant for you to present yourself and the value proposition of your medical tools in the shortest time possible. It has replaced long presentations and one-hour PowerPoint presentations.  

To make a solid sales pitch, always include these factors:

  • The character of your customers
  • The main problem of your customers
  • How will the tool concretely solve the problem?
  • What are the added benefits to using this tool?

Use email marketing

If you are mainly selling medical tools mainly through the online marketplace, then email marketing can be your best friend. One, it is the main communication means of medical professionals. With email, you can gain customer loyalty, by constantly interacting with them. Here, you can talk to them about coupons, medical data, and important updates.

To launch a successful email marketing campaign, you should:

Add people into your list

Before you can start a campaign, you need people to talk to. To get email followers, you can put your company email as a pop-up in your website along with a promo. The promo will entice them to subscribe to you.

Create online content

You can’t keep on attracting loyal customers through promos alone. The novelty eventually wears off. Instead, supplement them with marketing content such as video and articles.

Send advertisements regularly

For medical tools with a high price point, it can be difficult to attract customers. You can accomplish that easily, by sending related advertisements regularly through email.

Use independent distributors

Since doctors tend to be distrustful people, it can be hard for you to convince to trust on the quality of your company’s products. To solve this issue, consider marketing through independent and popular distributors. Distributors can be helpful because they already have the trust of your customer doctors. Additionally, you will not spend so much on marketing for they already have their own sales people to do that for you.

Key Takeaway

Medical tools, made from injection molding in China, are very hard products to sell. Thus, marketing will make the difference between success and bankruptcy. These tips are what you should know when it comes to marketing medical tools to physicians as doctors.