Dubai : The cost of moving and living in the UAE

By March 2, 2019
The cost of moving and living in the UAE

I didn’t know anything about the United Arab Emirates and generally thought that the Arab world was not mine.

But in January 2016, I received an unexpected offer to work in Dubai in a production company that deals with the filming of advertising for television and the Internet. I talked to my future manager on Skype, I leafed through several articles about life in the UAE – and decided to move. If you ever visit Dubai, don’t forget to visit LuLu Hypermarket UAE.

Language and Visa

You do not need to have Arabic to move to the Emirates. I speak English fluently – I have an English diploma in education. For some industries, knowledge of basic English is sufficient.

In the UAE, about 90% of the residents are expats who came here to work. Therefore, the rules for hiring new foreign employees are spelled out by the state extremely clearly. In a standard contract, in addition to describing the conditions and functions of the parties, there must be an exact amount of salary. The company also pays for the accommodation of the employee, the flight home and back once a year, medical insurance – all this is also spelled out in the contract. For each worked year, the employee, upon dismissal, receives an amount in the amount of salary for 21 working days.

Dubai residents – expats who came here to work

But the UAE’s citizenship cannot be obtained by a foreign worker. After retirement, even those who were born in the United Arab Emirates in the family of a foreign worker and lived here all their lives returned. Citizenship is the prerogative of the native inhabitants of the Emirates.

Country unit

In its present form, the state of the UAE appeared on the map in 1971 . Prior to this, its territory was controlled by the UK. The UAE is a federal Muslim state with its capital in Abu Dhabi. About 9.5 million people live here, while the indigenous population (they are also called locales) – no more than 1.5 million.

In the UAE, seven emirates: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm al-Quwain. In fact, each of them is a small state with its own sheikh. The most influential sheikhs are Sheikh Abu Dhabi Khalifa ibn Zayed (President of the UAE) and Sheikh of Dubai Mohammed Ibn Rashid (Prime Minister of the UAE).

Currency and banks

The official currency of the UAE is Dirham. In October 2017, 1 dirham cost 16 rubles, $ 1 = 3.5 dirham. Cash is used mainly for taxi and food delivery, all other payments are non-cash. In Dubai, I lost the habit of carrying cash with me – I only have a bank card in my wallet.

An employer usually helps an expat bank account. Therefore, the bank does not choose – just open an account in where the company is serviced. My company works with the bank “Emirates-en-bi-di.” It is considered one of the largest and most reliable in Dubai.

Salary and taxes

Salaries in Dubai are highly dependent on the field of activity, level of education and country of origin. The least earned are Hindus at construction sites and Filipinos working at hotels with low-skilled work. The latter can pay around 1,200 dirham (19,200  R ) per month, providing a bed in a dormitory, cheap food and transfer to work. At the same time, many people manage to send half of their salary to their homeland.

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