6 Things You Must Know Before Starting Welding

By February 16, 2019
Welding tips

There is no doubt that welding can be intimidating. However, with some effort and using the right tools, you can easily tackle any project and you will get better with time as you start practicing. Before you start welding, here are 6 things that you must consider:

1. Safety must be your priority

Before you even think about welding, it is important to have the right gear. This includes a fire-resistant vest, safety glasses welding gloves, and an approved welding helmet. In recent years, welding helmets have come a long way. It is recommended to buy auto-darkening welding helmets from brands like Lincoln Electric or Viking. Welding Corner has a wide collection of them all.

Apart from this, there should be adequate ventilation to get rid of all the fumes. Never weld near flammable materials. There should always be enough room for the sparks to fly.

2. Learn about the welding processes

There are a variety of welding processes such as TIG, MIG, stick, etc. When you hear these terms, don’t get buffaloed. Start mastering with the easiest. Get familiar with all of these processes one by one.

3. Input voltage

There are two input voltages that you as a welder have to deal with i.e. 110 and 230. Lower voltage is for thin materials and higher voltage is for thick materials.  So as a beginner, you will benefit from the machine that offers dual voltage.  This will help you grow into a confident welder.

4. User interface

Choose machines that have an intuitive user interface. As a novice welder, it can be tricky to enter all the information manually into the welding setting. The latest machines now automatically the input voltage and they adjust the settings accordingly.

5. Material

There are certain welding techniques that are only appropriate to use on certain materials. For some, you might even need additional tools. For instance, you can weld aluminum using MIG but for better results, it is recommended to use a spool gun.

6. Consumables

By consumables, we mean filler materials, wires, and electrodes. The consumable must match the welding process and the material you will weld on. As you become proficient in your work, you will be able to recognize which consumables are best to use.

When it comes to welding, you must learn a lot about the process and the various welding techniques before carrying out the job in person. Welding is much more than holding a gun and positioning it in the right angle. You can only become good at it if you instill positive traits and follow them throughout your career. Apart from knowing how to weld, you must learn how to keep your workspace clean and comfortable. Then, your focus must be on learning how to maintain your welding tools for durability and efficiency. It is not just your skills that will keep you in demand, it is also your education and knowledge about welding, the industry best practices, and the latest trends that will take you to the top.

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