4 Tips to Fight Hypersomnia

By February 7, 2019

Do you doze off during the day, at home or your workplace? If yes, you may have hypersomnia. It is nothing but a sleep disorder and can affect all. Though feeling drowsy at daytime is common among individuals. However, when you feel tired enough to sleep, and cannot perform daily chores normally, it is a cause of concern. In such a scenario, you should seek medical help. According to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, the condition may prove fatal to you as well as others if you happen to doze off when behind the wheels. This is when you need a consultation with a doctor. Fret not. Here are four essential tips to fight hypersomnia.

1. Say ‘No’ to Alcohol

If you have the habit of drinking, ditch the bottle immediately. That is because the influence of alcohol can make things worse in hypersomnia patients. According to eminent doctors, you should stay away from both sedatives and alcohol having sedation effects. Alternatively, you can take a 5-minute breather from work and stretch out. You can also take a short walk around your office campus to avoid feeling drowsy. To avoid falling asleep at work, take caffeine. Take it in moderation instead of overdoing it. Talk to your doctor for some medications to treat this condition.

2. Check Whether You Have Sleep Apnea

Do you remain awake at night most of the time? If so, you may be plagued with sleep apnea, which is a disorder that keeps you awake during the night. It happens because you stop breathing regularly, thus affecting your sleep without you realizing it. You have sleep apnea if you snore every day while sleeping and at times wake up out of breath. If you experience all these symptoms, you have hypersomnia and need medical assistance without further delay.

3. Keep Your Body Active

Did you know that people who follow an active lifestyle remain awake?Yes, once you get up first thing in the morning, drink a glass of water and hit the jogging tracks near your apartment community. If you have a house with a front lawn, there is nothing like it. Take a walk or jog before you go to work. You can also take your dog for a walk. It is a good exercise. You can sweat it out at the gym or try some exercises at home. Try these activities daily if you have hypersomnia. Once you started working and glued to your computer for a long time, take short breaks. Taking breaks throughout the day will help you battle drowsiness, especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle.

4. Check Your Medicine Box

If you take prescription drugs, then hypersomnia is a side effect. If you are taking anti-anxiety, anti-depressants, and analgesic tablets, it is natural to feel drowsy throughout the day. Talk to a physician whether you can stop taking these medications. If not, staying active is the best solution as discussed.


Now that you know about these tips, implement them to see the results. These ideas will work if you follow them religiously every day.