Why animation in explainer video is popular?

By January 10, 2019 ,

An explainer video is a brief introductory video of a company that describes a complete business idea in a precise and compelling way. It is an animated video that has all the statistics of a company which is significant for everyone to know. These explainer videos are animated in a way that they are made short with engaging content for marketing. It basically highlights the services that a company provides to its customers and it also contains the significant features of a product. Nowadays, there are numerous companies that have started to make explainer videos for describing their product or service and also for the internal communication, presentations, and training. This popularity is due to the benefits it contains.

  1. Animated videos explain better

Animation has the ability to transform the complex ideas into a simpler form which is easy for everyone to understand. It also make things rememberable by showing entertaining visuals. There are a lot of categories in animation videos that helps to create interactive animated content, some of them are 2D animation video, 3D animation video, motion graphics, and whiteboard animation are the excellent video techniques that are used for revealing the complex descriptions with a huge emotional attitude and some humor. With the increase in the acceptance of these videos, there has been constructed many Explainer Animated video Company which provides the best video services.

  • Animated videos are limitless

Do you want a fantasized background with some funny characters in the video? Or are you looking for a haunted place? Anything you want whether it is funny, sad, haunted or even thrilling, animated videos can build them all. There is no limit to what you want to describe. It is just about an idea and its execution. There are online applications that help you build an animated video in a simpler way. They contain thousands of background with numerous characters. You just have to place the things in the right manner to describe your idea behind.

  • Theme Building

A theme of a company is its colors that define a specific brand like coca cola has red color while Pepsi has blue, both of them are identified by their own theme colors. Animated videos help you in building a theme of colors that represent your brand. It is the easiest way of brand awareness as it doesn’t require resources just for creating an environment that is suitable for the representation of an organization.

  • Improving the online visibility of a brand

It is appreciated by almost all the search engines like Google, YouTube etc. that if you have visitors that stay longer at your site, it will consider you as the most interesting site and it will ultimately increase your visibility over the internet by showing you at the top of the searching list. Moreover, in order to increase this staying traffic, animated videos are used because they produce such engaging content that a huge amount of people stop at your site just to watch your video.

  • Animated videos are cheap to be made

If you are convinced with the advantages and you are planning to make an animated video for your company, then here is one more advantage that will make you happy and firm on your decision. Animated videos are extremely cheap as compared to live action video. There are no resources needed for the video except a laptop, internet and video making skills. With the advantage of being cheap, it also has no hectic efforts as it is made through sitting at your home while the live-action videos are hard to be made as it requires you to be moved to the places that you want to capture in your video.

Live action video with animated video

Considering all the features, it is identified that these videos are super beneficial for marketing content. It exactly transmits what it requires. Besides its advantages, live-action videos are still in action. They haven’t been obsolete due to the usage of animated videos. They have their own advantages.

What if it is required to have a real-life character in the video then the live-action video takes up all the advantages. Both the videos have their own advantages and disadvantages which lead us to make a video that has all the characteristics of a live video as well as an animated video. It is newly launched and people are actually liking the concept of joining both the videos in order to get combine advantages.

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