Who pressed the dislike button on your best video?

By October 30, 2018

Before getting disappointed, know why!


The video is the most sought way we all are consuming content in any form. Whether it is for education, entertainment or business purposes, it has the maximum reach and reactions. Viewers can instantly like or dislike the content. Although this visual medium is the best way for content marketing, few succeed and the rest fail miserably. You are bound to get disappointed if your dynamic content gets booed. Of course, there is a strong reason/s for it. Consumers are not only watching content on television but also on other platforms. To reach them successfully, your video should have the right video processing for multiple channels. As the trend goes, currently, dynamic ad insertion is also a useful tool to get genuine and increased ‘like’ buttons.


Shall we right away post the necessary information before you give us thumbs down?


Across the world, more than 500 million hours of video are seen. As video marketing rises, so do the tools like AVP 4000 encoder and video processing software appear in the picture. Take a good look at the chart above, it shows the number of channels that viewers consume daily. Coupled with this result the following researches done by various groups’ worldwide show:

  1. Video strategy users in digital marketing earn 49% more revenues than non-users. This report was done by Word Stream in 2017 to find out where dynamic ad insertion works and which tools are the best for getting recognition.
  2. It is also great to learn that nearly 43% of viewers love to see repeated and continuous content from video marketers. It is high time your company also joins the rest to showcase visual content to remain in the competition. Maybe you will require consistency and skills to do this work for long-term positive results.
  3. Outsource the video work and post-production to professionals who will be able to put content across channels and platforms.
  4. Hubspot Research says nearly 83% of businesses are finding video an effective tool for the sales. But nearly 85% watchers surf ahead if the video does not download or keeps buffering.
  5. Most importantly, viewers feel consistent quality and clarity matters during live streaming. And this is where the powerful AVP 4000 encoder makes the difference.

Now if you want more traffic on your blogs, posts, podcasts, and videos use the right social signals, tools for best UI and getting their trust and loyalty. Don’t just depend on quick hacks or unknown tools that have a problem with integration. To get the genuine lead, let us begin with the most obvious method, dynamic ad insertion as this method could pave the way for better clicks. Most of the world’s media and agencies depend on this technique to deliver engaging content when live events are telecast across the world.

Real-time programming decisions matter

Technology should not fail during live telecasts

When viewers are watching a live telecast, now, it is not only on the television but also on tablets, smartphones, laptops, or desktop computers. To get your content streamed in a live program or VOD or even a linear source it is important to have a target without buffering, slowdown or playback errors. Millions of revenues are lost if these errors happen. Take advantage of the prime-time coverage and broadcast your message with the right video processing software. You obviously cannot do it on your own. There are media service providers who can expertly integrate the material with lead ad servers for the best viewability. If a very high engagement with them matters, then it is best to get the best integration software.  Today transcoding is creative and it is the main reason why high-quality programming material provides a seamless experience to viewers. It is also difficult to skip ads when HD quality is present to attract the eyeballs and hook them. The broadcast industry is the biggest user for the consistent playing experience on all kinds of browsers.

The capability of encoders important

Real-time analytics data show that encoders have a large role to play when it comes to a good UI experience. The AVP 4000 encoder is the latest in integration tools to work on. They provide picture quality that matches on the mobile screen and is optimized to go to the first frame with good speed. Its operational efficiency ensures that it is used by several broadcasters for crucial events that need to be live streamed regularly for podcasting. As consumers are dictating terms for viewing, this seems to be the best way to get more ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons.

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