What are UNEF and Metric Thread Gauges? – Everything you need to know

By July 4, 2019

Are you a technician as well? Do you like working with accuracy and correctness? Well, if yes than these tools are perfect for you. Yes! The Thread gauges. Some of the finest tools designed to provide the most accurate dimensions, diameters and circumferences which are now being manufactured all over the world.

The thread gauge are primarily expended to determine the pitch of the wire which is present on the tapped-hole present within the screw. The tool cannot measure the precision, correctness and accuracy, instead it enables the worker to determine and analyze the profile of the thread which immediately classifies the thread by its exact size, pitch and shape.

The UNEF and metric thread gauges are some of the types of the thread gauges. Continue reading to find out.

UNEF thread gauges:

Just like the other kinds of thread gauges, the UNEF thread gauge is also used to measure diameter and circumference of the thread or a wire with accuracy and precision. UNEF stands for Unified National Extra Fine which indicates that these thread gauges are used to measure the diameter and circumference with extra fine precision and correctness.

There are two main types of the UNEF thread gauges which mainly includes;

  • Go metric gauges
  • No go metric gauge

These gauges are available in multiple tolerances however the most common type are the 2A and 2B which are used extensively by the technicians for measuring the diameter of different screws and nuts.

The UNEF gauge is designed and manufactured by a number of different companies. However searching for the one which not only provides accuracy and correctness but is enduring at the same time can be a little difficult to find. So, make sure you make the decision wisely.

The metric thread gauge:

This kind of metric thread gauge is used to measure the size as well as the pitch of different types of nuts, bolts and screw. The pitch which is also called the TPI measures the screw’s diameters in millimeters, which indicates its accuracy. Moreover, the marking on the metric screw gauge is permanent which means it won’t rub easily. Amazing, isn’t?

There are several different things which you need to see before purchasing the metric thread gauge. For instance the metric sizing and the quality. Most of these gauges are made up of steel, however other kinds of materials are also used to design these gauges. There are knobs and slots also attached with the high-quality metric screw gauge which makes it easy to handle.

Other than this, the screw gauge are also designed with chemical resistant material which makes it safer as well. Thus, there are tons of advantages of the metric screw gauge which is one of the main reasons why it is used widely.

Both these thread gauges are used for the accurate measurements and accuracies. Since, these are some of the most recommended types of thread gauges. To know more about such tools, stay connected for more informative content.

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