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iPhone Repair

Apple as a company has definitely carved a niche among its dedicated customers thanks to their wide array of products. In particular, iPhones have created a benchmark for many other rival organisations thus creating a new trend in the market for perfection. But as time passes by, competition increases and with-it issues arise as well. iPhones also have faced their fair share of trouble.

There have been notable issues in iPhones that are very hard to ignore. It therefore becomes imperative that you know about it and eliminate them as soon as you possibly can.

Screen Cracks

Many of the new and existing iPhone users have complained about cracked screens. These are definitely frustrating to use, and if the condition persists then your iPhone might be rendered unusable. You can readily opt for iFixed’s expert level screen repair options at considerable number of rates than normal.  It is inadvisable to tamper with your iPhone if you are unaware of its mechanisms. Only an expert level technician at iFixed can be recommended in this case.

Damage by Water

The biggest bane for any electronic product is the presence of water, and iPhone’s are troubled with it as well. If you drop your iPhone accidentally in the pool of water, your first thing should be to get it out and not stare at it until the water does the worst. Dry your phone with a towel and submerge it away in pot of uncooked raw rice. Keep it there for 48 hours or so, until the water gets soaked out. Only then should you pick your phone apart and check for any vital signs. You can even visit iFixed for expert recommendations on iPhone Repair.

Screen Freeze

One of the most common problems that are faced in the iPhone models which is frozen screen. Thankfully, it doesn’t create much of a problem and can be solved without further ado. Just restart your phone promptly, or better yet, you can try out a hard reset by pressing the home button and the sleep / wake button simultaneously.

Rigid volume button

It so happens that when the mute button stops working and when you receive a call on your iPhone, then you would definitely be the one that gets distressed. To keep out of this situation, you can try out the airplane mode. All your incoming calls will now be redirected towards the voice -mail. You can even try experimenting on the Assistive mode, from there you can control the home screen.

Wi-Fi connection problems

This can be resolved by simply restarting your iPhone. This issue appears inadvertently on many of the iPhone models and a quick restart solves it completely. You can go to the HTTP proxy in the Wi-fi settings and set it to auto.

iFixed Services have a commendable team of experts and a credible client testimonial that puts them in the forefront of being the best mobile repair service center. Any customer can thereby visit, inquire and get their queries solved in an instant without any hassles at the iFixed.

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