Transforming Video Marketing Campaigns with Social Media

By October 11, 2018 ,
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With changes that never seem to cease, the existence of social media is becoming more and more prevalent with time. The concept of digital marketing is not new but fusing marketing with social media platforms is a recent happening. Slowly replacing marketing strategies that were traditionally executed, the boom in social media is transforming the realm of digital marketing.

While image and textual content has always been popular, video animations are now becoming more and more popular on social media sites. The performance of online websites with promotional videos is improving since video content keeps the users engaged and in turn lowers the user bounce rate. The same is now possible on social media.

Understanding the power of animated videos is not that difficult but most new businesses find this notion taxing. All you have to do is look for video animation providers and connect with them to create interesting promotional animated videos.

Enhanced user engagement

The advent of social media has given us countless benefits. Slowly changing the way people used to connect to the internet, social media is revolutionizing the spectrum of online businesses. Most businesses are relying on such platforms for the sole purpose of video marketing. The use of animated content works the best on social media as these platforms and sites host a place for engaging and visual content. Whether you intend to convey your brand message and values or display your business offerings, animated content drives more user engagement than any other form of content.

Makes you go viral

Animated videos are already sustaining on social media sites. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are dependent on visual content however, images and text content does not have more virality aspects as much as an animated video does. Animated videos tend to go viral often as viewers find them more interesting and engaging to watch. A single share brings a huge impact on the presence of your brand. The more shares your video gets, the more recognition you will receive. You do not have to come up with paid marketing and promotional techniques as once your video goes viral, you will be getting free publicity.

Optimized for mobile devices

Animated videos were once said to be elusive and far-off however, that is not the case anymore.  Acquiring video content is not only becoming easier but it is also available for mobile devices. The term availability here depicts how smartphones are becoming more and more optimized for the display of videos. There are currently over 4 billion smartphone users around the world and it is certain that those people have access to the internet as well.

Brand Identity

User engagement and retention rates matter for every brand but the core advantage of video marketing is that it builds the identity of your brand. You get to enhance your brand’s image on not only one platform but on social media, websites and every platform to exist on the internet. Animated videos are meant to be engaging, interesting, creative and unique. If you manage to incorporate these four factors into your video then you will be able to form an identity that is recognizable amongest the masses.

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