Top Services with Indian Residential Proxy

By October 1, 2021
unlimited traffic.

Residential proxy has become an essential part of every-day life for many people. They help to be sure of your safety online. They allow you accessing web-sites that are forbidden in your region. They give you an opportunity to register multiple accounts on different platforms without ban. They help you to check prices and other data of your business rivals who may hide certain data from you. They rotate your IP address so you could stay incognito.

You will need rotating mobile proxy if you practice:

  • research of the market
  • verification
  • search engine optimization monitoring
  • monitoring of prices
  • sales intelligence
  • e-mail protection
  • protection of your brand

Finding the coolest residential proxy accommodation may take some time, but this article will help to save your time. It will give you a list of top services offering Indian residential proxies. 

Online SIM

This service is available in more than 100 countries (India, Philippines, Ukraine, Turkey, Mexico, Spain, and the USA etc.), more than 500 cities and more than 200 operators (MTS, Orange, Sprint, T-mobile, O2, at&t etc.). More than 70 million IP addresses are available. OnlineSIM can be used by SEO specialists, sneaker bots, for market research, web scrapping, parsing, protection of your brand, for work with ad networks etc.

You can choose from 2 tariff types – payment for gigabytes or unlimited traffic. The friendly company’s 24/7 customer support service will solve any issues very quickly. The sums for this accommodation are not big and you can use their test proxy for free after passing a short survey. 

Scraper API

This service is available in 50+ countries. Developers who deal with web scrapers can use it. This service handles CAPTCHAs, proxies and browsers. It uses datacenter, mobile and residential proxies. 


This company offers more than 40 million proxies in most countries around the globe. It will give you residential, mobile and datacenter proxies. You will have a possibility to connect through API, Chrome extension or proxy manager. 


This service is suitable for you too because it offers 70 million IP addresses from dozens of states. This service is not cheap. They will offer you a rotating proxy API, a random IP etc.


This company has over 40 million proxies passing via real desktop and mobile proxies. Buy a proxy from them with a special code and you will receive a discount. 

As you can see, there is a good choice of Indian residential proxies, the decision is after you!


GeoSurf allows you to pick out IP addresses from specific Indian cities. It is characterized by pretty small number of proxies compared to other providers but its quality is top-notch. The benefits of GeoSurf include the availability of reliable IPs, multiple cities, residential proxies and browser extensions. There are a few disadvantages you will experience, which include high prices, fewer proxies, lack of SOCKS5, which means no streaming.

Why You Should Use a Proxy IP in India

Proxies are all round tools that can be used for several purposes. You can use them for scraping data from Indian sites, accessing geo-blocked content, and streaming using and Indian IP address. Using and Indian IP to make hotel reservations in the region will help you land better rates. You can also buy goods from the region that may at times be unavailable.