Top Mobile Phone Technologies of the Era

By June 17, 2019 ,

Technology has come a long way ever since. Ultimately, smartphones nowadays are packed with thousands of features and tools. Mobile technology with continuous evolution has now come to a stage where we are having the whole world in our hands, just a tap away. Besides, it is still not stopping and continually surprising us every now and then with something new and creative.

Since the start of this millennium, a simple mobile phone has reached the heights and almost controlling our lives. In a single device, you have your mobile phone, GPS, incredible cameras, your mailboxes, and a portable gaming console and a lot more. In addition to that through wireless networking, we are connected with the whole world.

There are numerous key technologies underlying that altogether give us the best experience every time we use the smartphone. Here are the few highlighted technologies that also played a role in the evolution of a simple bar phone to a sophisticated and multi-tasking smartphone.

Selfies/ Front Camera

The first camera integrated phone was evolved in late 2000. At that time it was only about the back camera. But later, front cameras came in along with the emergence of selfies. With the passage of time, the companies and manufacturers worked closely on every bits and piece that front camera has now become one of the key competing factors among all the smartphone brands. People are continuously taking pictures and snapping at every step in their daily lives. Apparently, it has become an integral part of life, especially for the youths and younger brackets of age.

Finger Print Sensor

Hundreds of smartphones all over the world are now relying on fingerprint sensors for locking and unlocking their smartphones. It has made their phones more secure and lives easier. No one can get access to your personal data in your smartphone. It is also much convenient as you don’t need to recall such a tricky password. All you have to do is just place your thumb and the deal is done.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

All the smartphones now incorporate GPS receivers that were not present in previous phones. GPS is a sort of chip that is placed on smartphones. It takes signals from the GPS satellites to collect all the data about the device’s geographical location. This GPS works under the presence of a network connection. It will tell you all the locations that you search for no matter where you are and how far that particular location is from you. Furthermore, the weather app also tells the metrological conditions with the help of GPS. It also offers Google Map Navigation service that will guide you through the way whenever you are stuck in the middle while going somewhere. Therefore, every smartphone has a minimap in it.

3G And 4G Networking

These are the stages of broadband mobile communications as known as the third generation and fourth generation respectively. This is the latest mainstream technological breakthrough offered to all smartphone users out there. Through these wireless connections, as long as your phone’s location allows you, you can have complete access to all the apps that require working internet connection. Additionally, you can connect with anyone and everyone through online messaging apps. As we all know subsequent generations are much more efficient and faster so we are looking forward to a more improved generation. For the same, 5G (fifth Generation) is already under process. So let’s see how it turns out to be.

Live Video Recording

Back in the days we only use to associate word live with any reality shows, news bulletins, concerts, cricket matches, etc. that would use huge cameras and satellites to get aired on TV as a live telecast. Nevertheless, now, with the advancement of mobile technologies, you can now go live whenever and from wherever you want that too from your own smartphone. With your smartphone, you can easily go live on your social media to let everyone know how much you are enjoying the New Year eve at Sydney Harbor Bridge during your winter break.

While phones were used for calling and messaging only, now we use them for every other thing that we do. They have now become our survival kits and we might stop breathing if for a day we get apart from our beloved smartphones. After all, it gives us so many reasons to love it for.

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