Top 3 Tips for Organizing Legal Client Files

By March 18, 2019 ,

Legal files are nothing but the files of clients associated with an organization or firm. The main purpose of legal files is to maintain an accurate record of all agreement i.e., filed against the client or created on behalf of the client. Irrespective of the importance of any particular item, each and every piece of information is added to the client file. It includes everything like legal letters, documents, certified mail, bills, etc. Before legal files turn into paperless/ electronics files, the management of these files was easy for the legal advisers or lawyers. But, paperwork also piles up really fast and sending and receiving of any new information to each concerned party becomes clumsy. So, it is important to keep and organize legal documents in a proper way. In addition, if you assemble your legal files in a proper way, it becomes easy to find and locate any file very easily. Therefore, in this post, we have covered multiple ways of organizing legal client files that can help you out in the same.

Where and How to Store Legal Documents for Proper Management?

It is always advised to store legal files in PDF format rather than storing them in Word,, WordPerfect, etc. It is because those files are not considered as legal documents. Moreover, there look varies from computers to computer. PDF is considered as a standard document format and counted as a legal document in the court.

Apart from all this, to keep these legal files always safe and secure, switch to some cloud-based service. It is because relying only on the hard drive is not free from risk. Moreover, keeping legal files in cloud-based storage will protect it from virus attack, hard drive failure, power failure, etc. In addition, it also lets users access legal files from anywhere like the computer, tablet, smartphones, etc., with the internet connection. Now, in the next section, you will be going to learn the different tips for organizing PDF files.

Here Are All Tips for Organizing Legal Client Files

The legal files are usually large in number and size. Therefore, it is really important to manage all of them and keep them in an organized manner. Now, to organize legal documents in a proper way, follow the tips explained below:

1- Do Legal File Numbering

Most of the legal files are stored in PDF format contains a large number of pages in it. Now, to make it more user-friendly, assigning a unique page number and file number will be a good move. Therefore, users are suggested to add file numbers and page numbers for organizing legal client files effectively.

Now, the question is how to insert page number or file number to PDF file? For a simple and hassle-free approach, a user is suggested to take help of PDF Bates Numberer tool. It is one of the finest application to add page number in PDF document in no time. A user can also do the bates numbering on multiple PDF files at a same time. In addition, to add page number, a user can try multiple ways like a combination of PDF file and pages also. It is capable to remove encryption from PDF file and then add page number into it. Moreover, a user can add prefix or suffix also with the page number in order to organize legal documents properly.

2- Legal Files Naming

Another important tip for organizing legal client files is to give the proper descriptive name to the legal file. It must be done in a way that a user can easily identify it on its own also. It does not matter for which method you want to go, you just need to be consistent with it and keep the native files in a separate folder from the actual legal documents. After finalizing it, you can move it to the final folder containing legal files.

3- Assemble Your Legal Files

Every organization has a large number of PDF files as legal files & it keeps on increasing day by day. But, sometimes it becomes difficult for the user for organizing legal client files all at one place. Therefore, in that case, a user can merge or combine all related PDF files in one. This will make management of these files easy for the users. Now, the question is how to assemble these legal files?

The PDF Split & Merge Tool is one such application that lets users to merge multiple PDF files into one in just a few numbers of clicks. A user just needs to upload the legal PDF files that he or she wants to combine. After clicking on Process, the software will merge & organize legal documents in a single file.


Proper Management of legal files is really important for the user as they are very crucial from an organization point of view. Therefore, to make this task easy for the user, major tips for organizing legal client files are suggested in the blog above. A user can simply follow them to handle and organize legal documents in a proper way.