Things to do when Apple iPhone drops from your hand

By June 12, 2019

iPhones are costly, but gravity doesn’t understand that. Its display gets cracked when the phone is dropped accidentally from the hand. Especially, it hurts when the popular models like iPhone XS with LCD meet a similar fate. However, doom’s day is not going to happen if such accidents occur. Instead of panicking, one should rather look forward to ways of fixing things. Given below is a guide about how to deal with an iPhone when it is dropped. 

There are complete iPhone display fix kits available as well, which contain various tools. Even if someone doesn’t know how to use these tools, there are reputed service centers available providing a same day on the spot Apple iPhone XS LCD screen replacement service London. These service providers can indeed be relied upon.    

How to make the device usable in the mean time before fixing

An iPhone repair service provider or technician is not a magician. He is not going to fix things simply with a magical touch. One has to wait for sometimes. Specifically, in those occasions during the holidays or if the service centre can’t be reached immediately, there remains no option for someone but to wait.

However, instead of simply leaving the phone at its damaged state or being too casual about it, being little careful would be a better option. The first thing that one needs to check is about the position where the damage has occurred or the level of damage that has occurred. One should not worry much if the capacitive touch screen works fine.

In those occasions when the glass or display is damaged in such a way that hovering finger over it can be risky, one may make use of transparent packaging tape and apply a layer at the top of the display to make the usage feel smooth. Even while taking the phone for repair, one should apply the tape as explained above.

In those occasions where the device doesn’t receive the inputs through the touch screen, one should take immediate steps. Similarly, when the home button doesn’t work properly, it is recommended to go with the feature that lets the user access the home button over the display. All that one has to do on such occasions is to spot the portions of the display where the touch function works, no matter a little bit.  

In the occasions when the touch functionality doesn’t work at all, the best way to make the device usable is to make use of Siri. It (Siri) can be helpful in many ways, like turning on the Voice Over to listen to details of what’s going on over the display. The other way is to plug-in a USB keyboard with the help of an adapter, which lets the user provide the password and get the back up for key information.  

The most cost-effective option:

The first thing that most people do is visiting the Apple care centres. However, it is true at the same time that the free of cost warranty claws of Apple Care doesn’t include the instances of accidental falling of iPhone from the hands. Yes, one may go with the AppleCare+ insurance package, which is pretty comprehensive inn nature and includes such accidental cases as well. One can get the device repaired at a much lesser expense.

In fact, for minor instances, the repair can be done at absolutely free of cost. The cases of greater damage can also be addressed at around $30. The repair cost of Apple iPhone XS can be even more than $350 without AppleCare+. It’s thus common sense to go with the insurance of AppleCare+ for a much cheaper deal. Specifically, it can be advantageous for high-end devices like iPhone XS.