The World of Virtual Conferences

By October 11, 2018
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Why did theatres lose their following? Because people found out they could get entertainment in the convenience of their homes on their Xfinity WiFi customer service. As technology grows, physical distances give way to digital connectedness globally. In the past, only big businesses and corporations with deep pockets could hold conferences and exhibitions. This not only gave them an edge in networking and gaining business but shut out small businesses as well. However, this has changed with the growth of the internet. With lower production costs and empowerment by the internet, today any business can host a conference – virtually!

Virtual Conferencing is here to stay

Provided you can create enough informative and engaging content, your business can also host a virtual conference. Virtual conferencing has had wide, far-reaching impacts ever since it became popular. You can network with industry leaders, attendees, decision makers, and regulators. And you can do it all from the comfort of your home or office. Here are some of the reasons why Virtual Conferences appear set to become a fixture in the digital world:

  1. Cost-effectiveness
  2. Physical locations don’t matter
  3. Easy Networking
  4. Closing pipeline deals
  5. Analytics
  6. Eco-friendly

Let’s examine the merits of Virtual Conferencing.

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Cost Effectiveness

One of the reasons virtual conferences are gaining global popularity is the low costs involved compared to physical conferences. The main cost associated with a virtual conference is creating and delivering effective content. Both the content production as well as the content delivery should encourage audience engagement. Many businesses often partner with experts in webcasting and virtual conference environments to share the technical legwork. The remainder of their efforts is directed towards generating solid content. From the attendee’s point of view, attending a virtual conference costs little or nothing. This is one reason why virtual conference attendance exceeds that of physical conferences.

Physical locations don’t matter

The most important feature of virtual conferences is the convenience with which anyone can attend them. Virtual events can be attended from anywhere in the world. Even if people for some reason can’t attend the live conference, they can still get a hold of on-demand content later. Their physical location is not integral to the working of the conference.

Easy Networking

In a physical conference, attendees usually have to do a lot of legwork to get what they want. They need to check out long corridors and big rooms trying to find the right name-tags. Usually, they want to speak the most to industry leaders and influencers. Sometimes they strike lucky, sometimes they strike out. Virtual conferences make these physical limitations redundant. With no physical barriers, virtual attendees can easily network with exhibitors, speakers or even other attendees. All that’s involved is a few clicks to arrive where you need to be to network best.

Closing Pipeline Deals

When organizations are deliberating or negotiating, virtual conferences are often a good way to accelerate them. Such organizations find virtual events to be very helpful when deciding to close a deal already on the table. This is because there is less of a lag learning from the event and other attendees, which helps faster decisions.


One major merit of virtual events is the ease with which you can get valuable analytics. More often than not, this analytics cannot be gathered accurately at a physical event. Analytics are important when you want to see how successful your conference was and what to improve in the future. You can gauge how many virtual attendees were present, their interactions, what they downloaded and whom they spoke to. These are all valuable insights from the host’s perspective. They help host better conferences in the future.


One advantage of virtual conferences that often escapes notice is that they are environmentally friendly an sustainable. Consider this, attendees do not have to travel from all over the nation or globe to attend. This means there is no fuel or carbon footprint from many attendees all traveling to reach the conference. Another point to consider is that all material on a virtual event is virtual. Data-sheets, handouts, brochures and all other content are paperless. In fact, with the complete absence of printed material, a lot of paper is saved which is usually discarded anyway.

More and more businesses are looking for ways to get their brand out there and engage audiences. This is why virtual conferences are slowly but steadily gaining popularity. Anyone with a decent internet connection like Optimum Deals can participate in a virtual conference or hold their own. We can reasonably expect virtual events to transform business interactions in a global setting. Let us know if you think virtual conferences are a good way to achieve your business goals.