The Value of Hadoop Certification for your Career Growth

By June 13, 2019 ,

Big Data is the future of business since there is no single organization in today’s time that does not eagerly want to adopt and optimize enormous data sets which is creating a huge demand for Hadoop as we speak. The market for Hadoop is pretty hit right now as a consequence of which, business organizations are on a hunt for talent that is well-versed with this technology. By that, I intend to say that professionals with relevant experience of managing data and processes it through the Hadoop ecosystem are the most desired breed of workers at this date. So, does that mean earning Hadoop certification is a pertinent path to a career in this industry?

The word is out that people carrying a Hadoop Certification from a renowned vendor have an edge over their competitors in the labor market since they have the capacity to attract highly lucrative job opportunities. On that count, a Big Data Hadoop certifications form a well-known organization like Cloudera, IBM, DASCA, and Hortonworks enables a professional to pull recognized, well-paying jobs towards them in the Big Data field owing to the fact that they go under a rigorous training to gain the best practices of this industry and acquire an unparalleled understanding of the subject.

How does Hadoop Certifications Boost Your Career?

Holding a Hadoop Certification indicates that you are a competent and qualified professional with Big Data expertise. If anyone puts in the time and money to capture a certification for obtaining knowledge and skills on a theme, it is needless to say that they are yearning for a job and are all geared up to give their best at work. Hence, certified professionals seem more prudent and laborious to employers all around the world. From your own company to clients to peers, everyone can be convinced about the relevance of your skills by gaining a credential.

Furthermore, a certification in Hadoop has the power to enhance your earning capacity by multiple times. The field of big data is relatively newer than other areas of work in the tech world, thus, majority professionals are still not ready to take up the responsibility of handling Hadoop which is creating a deficit in the supply of big data professionals. But, the demand is sky-high.

The IT, as well as the non-IT sectors, are producing Hadoop related jobs in abundance. Hence, employers are quite generous while remunerating these professionals. The annual pay of certified Hadoop developers is close to $101,000 while the certified administrators in this field are offered around $128,500. And, while on the subject, these salaries are higher than what non-certified workers are bestowed with.

So with the popularity of this field going off the charts, people coming from disparate backgrounds are moving into the Big Data domain in pursuance of well-paying jobs. Ergo, the requirements for Hadoop certifications is higher than even today.

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