By December 11, 2018
database managment

Android has lengthy been probably the most dominant players within the application market and each mobile application development company continues to be going after with this platform to allow them to add Android for their devices. It is among the easily understandable platforms and until a couple of in the past and custom android application development was difficult, however the development is becoming very streamlined and it is easy to do tasks in. Development is much more streamlined at this time and Android application developers services don’t have to spend just as much time as before nowadays because of the way the woking platform continues to be redesigned. Let us have a look back in the past of Android development and just how it’s were able to change over the many achieve where it’s today.

A glance back in the past

Buggy IDE

Eclipse was the state IDE for Android however it was hardly functional also it included its great amount of bugs that caused the event platform to become slow. It had been hardly developer friendly if this found development and Google required many years to finally change their IDE.

OS Fragmentation

Among the earliest versions of Android, Gingerbread were able to gain a substantial amount of share of the market and Android Frozen Treats Sandwich caused an entire makeover from the platform. This caused the screen densities, APIs and anything else is altered and developers had difficulty focusing on both platforms causing extended development occasions and also the slowdown in update releases.

Present of Android Development

Android grew to become laden with features and broke free of the monotony only lately. It brought to incomprehensive changes that brought to some complete makeover and also the outcome was astonishing, as you would expect in android database integration. With new hardware, software and OS Android went completely free. Among the key changes was the adoption of Android Studio because the new IDE replacing the older Eclipse. If the Android application development company is actually using Eclipse for mobile enterprise development it’s highly suggested that you simply migrate all your apps to utilize AS rather of sticking with Eclipse because of numerous bugs and issues. Gradle is among the most significant alterations in a brief history of Android. It’s an automation tool which replaced Apache ant. It’s been designed particularly for Android apps. It enables developers to perform a lot effortlessly from building automation libraries to testing build servers, there aren’t any limitations as to the this integrated automation tool can perform that will help you boost development occasions to some large degree.

The way forward for Android

If you’re interested in Android development then you should know what the way forward for the woking platform appears like.


Bugs along with other problems that the event platform had previously appear to have been eradicated and you will notice that it’s all regulated very smooth while offering an excellent development experience. However, most people don’t like using Java for development because it is a maturing platform and firms like Apple have introduced their very own programming languages for streamlined development. If Android really wants to succeed it must possess a better programming language like Python or Ruby to obtain the Android application team of developers to create ever better apps for that platform.

Database Management

Database management is among the regions of concern for that Android API. iOS is renowned for excellent use of Graphical user interface with regards to the development of database projects. The default Android API is renowned for its use of SQL instructions which may be very slow and irritating. Android needs to generate something which takes a shorter period for database management to streamline the event process and lower time come to produce apps.

These are the drastic changes the platform has went through many there’s a substantial amount of scope for improvement too when the platform really wants to sustain its presence looking for Android Application programmers.