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Many organizations are migrating local SQL server database to Azure SQL Server. As, Microsoft Azure is one of the most famous cloud databases & has advanced level security, low maintenance cost, and high scalability. Thus, to export SQL database to Azure use the professional tool i.e. SysTools SQL Server to Azure Migration Tool. With this utility, a user can transfer all the SQL database object like Triggers, Tables, Stored Procedures, Views, etc. In this technical review, we are going to describe all the technical aspect of the tool, so keep reading.

Product Overview

It is the most recommended program to migrate SQL Server DB to Azure database. Apart from this, the software can migrate corrupted/inaccessible SQL server database to Microsoft Azure. Also, the user is able to preview all database components before migrating the server.

Technical Specification of the Software

The licensed version of the tool has been tested by the experts. They evaluate the performance of the software in terms of security, quality, reliability, etc.

However, the testing has been performed in the below-mentioned environment:

Operating System: Windows 10 and all below versions

Processor: 1 GHz processor

RAM: Around 2 GB of RAM

Hard Disk: 100 MB space

–Additional Software: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above

ODBC Driver 17 should be installed

Steps to Export SQL Database to Azure

In order to migrate local SQL Server database to Azure follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Download & Run SQL to Azure Migration Tool
Step 2: Click the Open button to browse the MDF file for migration

Step 3: Preview SQL Server database objects i.e. Table, Views, etc

preview data
Step 4: Click Migrate to begin SQL server database migration to Azure
Step 5: Enter Server Name, Login credentials & click “Connect”

Step 6: Now, select the destination database
Step 7: Select migrate ‘With Only Schema’ or ‘With Schema & Data’

schema & data
Step 8: Lastly, click the ‘Migrate’ button

Key Features to SQL to Azure Migration Tool

1) Can Auto detect SQL version:-
As the software is designed with a highly advanced algorithm, therefore, it can automatically detect the version of your SQL server. You just need to select the box stating “Auto Detect SQL version”

2) Provide feature to scan SQL database features
When a user inserts an MDF file in the SQL to Azure migration tool then the user is provided with 2 search options:

a) Quick Scan:- Used to remove minimum corruption in MDF files. Within some seconds the recovered file is uploaded in software interface
b) Advanced Scan:- Used to recover MDF/NDF files that are highly corrupted.

3)View database before migrating:- With the help of this tool we can view whole database files (.mdf & .ndf). Also, this software provides a feature to view Table, Rules, Stored Procedure, Keys and all other components.

4)Easily Export SQL Database to Azure:- With the help of this tool, users can directly migrate an on-premises SQL Server database to Azure. For this, it is needed to provide all the details like database name, server name, username, and password, etc. After that, one can easily migrate SQL server database to Azure.

5) Easy to Use:- The tool is well developed when you start the software, a welcome window will display on the screen with a number of options. As you see the interface is very simple and straightforward and all the icon is visible on the screen.

6) Export Schema Options:- Provides two options while migrating local SQL server database to Azure i.e.
a) Only Schema- It migrates only schema of tables, views, etc.
b)With schema & data:- It allows users to transfer both schema and data of all database objects.

7) Move SQL Server Database to New or Existing Azure Database

With this software, the user can move SQL database to Azure cloud database. Moreover, if the user wants to migrate SQL Server database to the new Azure database then they need to create new database in Azure. Hence, to create a new database the user just has to click on the Create New Database option.

Advantages of Using the Software

There are several benefits of using this tool, some of them are mentioned below:
– It can also move corrupted or inaccessible SQL database to the Azure database.
– The tool can preview all SQL database components before migrating to Azure.
– It has a simple and user-friendly interface.


After considering all the features of SQL Server to Azure Migration tool, we can say that it is a reliable and effective tool for DBAs and Developers to export SQL database to Azure without causing any data loss. Users can take reference from this blog to migrate local SQL Server database to Azure.

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