Repair And Restore SQL BAK File in SQL Server 2014

If you are looking for the way to restore database in SQL Server from .bak file, then you are on the right page. In today’s post, we will learn how to easily restore SQL BAK file in SQL Server 2014. So let’s start with the step by step process.

The BAK file is a backup file of the SQL Server database. Microsoft recommends that users back up their data on a daily basis to prevent data loss or data corruption issues. To backup and restore BAK file, it provides inbuilt utility.

Methods to Restore SQL Server Database Backup File

There are two free manual techniques that will help you easily restore backup in SQL Server provided by Microsoft.

1. SQL Server Management Studio

2. Transact-SQL

# Method 1- Restore SQL BAK File in SQL Server 2014 Using SSMS

Step 1– Log in to SQL Server Management Studio

Step 2- Navigate to the database you wish to restore. Right-click on Database >> Task >> Restore >> Database

Restore BAK File

Step 3– A Restore Database windows will open, select the database to restore.

Restore BAK File Using SSMS

Step 4– Under Source for restore, select From Device option

Restore Backup in SQL Server

Step 5– From the Specify backup window, click on Add button and select .bak file. Click OK

Restore SQL Database Backup

Step 6– The .BAK file will be list on the Restore Database window

Restore BAK

Step 7– Now, select the Options tab from the left side of the panel

Backup Restore

Step 8– Check Overwrite the existing database (WITH REPLACE) from the Restore options

Restore Process

Step 9– Check Leave the database ready to use by rolling back uncommitted transactions. Additional transaction logs cannot be restored. (Restore With Recovery).

Step 10– Once the SQL Server Database backup is restored, you will get “Database Restored Successfully” message.

#Method 2- Restore Backup in SQL Server 2014 Using Transact-SQL

1. Restore A Full SQL Server Database Backup

RESTORE DATABASE AdventureWorks FROM DISK = 'C:\AdventureWorks.BAK'


2. Restore Differential SQL Server Database Backup

RESTORE DATABASE Adventureworks FROM DISK = 'D:\Adventureworks_full.bak' WITH NORECOVERY


RESTORE DATABASE Adventureworks FROM DISK = 'D:\AdventureWorks_diff.dif' WITH RECOVERY


Limitations of SQL Server Management Studio and T-SQL to Restore BAK File

Both methods are completely free and successfully restore SQL BAK file in SQL Server 2014. But the bad news is that SSMS and Transact-SQL can not restore corrupt BAK file. Nowadays, almost all users are faced with a corrupted SQL backup and searching for a solution to fix it. Next, we will explain how to repair corrupt SQL .bak file and restore backup in SQL Server database.

What to Do If the SQL Backup (BAK) File is Corrupted?

There is no manual trick to recover .bak file which is corrupted or inaccessible. This task can only be performed with the third-party tool i.e. SysTools SQL Backup Recovery. This software is specially designed to repair corrupt SQL .bak file and directly restore them into SQL Server database without any modification. It offers an easy-to-use interface that allows all kind of users to easily fix corrupted BAK file with all database objects like tables, views, columns, stored procedure, triggers, etc. The tool supports all versions of SQL Server BAK file, including SQL Server 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, and others.

How to Repair and Restore SQL BAK File in SQL Server 2014 – Steps

Follow these steps to repair corrupt .bak file and restore backup in SQL Server:

Step 1. Download SQL BAK File Repair Tool and install it on the system.

Step 2. Click Open then Browse to add .bak file

Add BAK File

Step 3. Select version of SQL Server BAK file. If you don’t know the actual version of your BAK file, check Auto-detect option and click OK.

Auto Detect SQL Server BAK File Version

Step 4. To repair and restore multiple BAK files at once, click on the Multiple Backup File Option. Click OK to after adding multiple files.

Repair and Restore Multiple BAK Files

Step 5. Next, hit on the Recover button to begin the process of corrupt BAK file recovery.

Recovery of Corrupted SQL Backup File

Step 6. After completing the recovery process, view all the recovered SQL Server database backup items. Click on the Export button from the top.

View and Export BAK File

Step 7. Now, choose the Export options between Export to SQL Server Database and SQL Server Compatible Scripts. After that enter the required information like user name and password.

Restore BAK File in SQL Server Database

Step 8. Select Destination Database, if you want to restore BAK file to new database then select “Create New Database”. Otherwise, select Export to Existing Database option.

Restore BAK File to New Database

Step 9. Export with Schema or Export with Schema and Data as per your need.

Export With Schema and Data

Step 10. Hit on the Export button to start the process of restore backup file in SQL Server.

Exportt Backup

Final Verdict

Restore SQL BAK file in SQL Server 2014 is an easy task with SQL Server Management Studio and Transact-SQL. But if the BAK file is corrupted, both methods cannot perform this task. You can restore a healthy backup file only with SSMS and T-SQL script. To resolve this issue, we have provided the best tool to repair corrupt SQL .bak file and restore them directly to the SQL Server Database.

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