Profitable Technology Trends to Watch in 2019 for attendee’s engagement in the event

By May 20, 2019
Profitable Technology Trends

Worth of Event for businesses

The modern world has become a world of business. Companies are using different kinds of marketing tools to enhance their business sales, services, and customer relationship. There are several advertisement tools available in the market but the most dominating and powerful marketing tool is an event. The event industry has been emerging industry for several years and it is gaining popularity in businesses gradually as well as it became the main source of income for companies. Event has become the reason of generating billions of dollars by companies. In just UK and USA approximately $400 billion of dollars produced and earned by companies through a USB connector. But it is an expensive marketing tool, it takes 30% of the total budget by companies as well as the cost which comes on the product development is comparatively low rather than organizing an event. So the value of the event has immense in business procedures and process.

Utilization of technology in business

Technology innovation has been making a great impact on the different kinds of sectors. It also changed business strategies and procedures. Businesses are getting enormous profit from their events with the use of technology.

Attendee’s engagement in making the event successful. It has been playing as a key role in the business event. Companies are using numerous technologies, for this purpose businesses are utilizing technology devices such as iPad, laptop and tablet in their business events to get attendees immersive and astounding experience. Usually, most of the business companies preferred to hire the iPad and iPad stand from iPad hire companies instead of buy and use it in their events.

There is a list of profitable technology trends which has been using extensively by companies in their events for attendee’s engagement:

  • Incorporation of Social media
  • Virtual reality integration
  • Event app

Incorporation of social media   

Social media has an intense and powerful tech tool to make direct contact with the audience and it is becoming popular progressively in the world of events. Approximately, 4 billion people had connected with each other online. Contenders came to the event for revealing the conceal information, knowledge, and education which they can’t acquire by self and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram provide them the opportunity to create an effective relationship between event organizer and attendees.

Virtual reality Integration  

 Virtual reality is the hottest and prosperous innovation of the 21st century which has been affecting approximately every industry. Virtual reality finished the disparaging distance between peoples and their goals. Through VR, contenders can take participate and play an important role in a business event from across the globe in an effective and productive way. Use of VR gives the immersive and abound experience to the attendees. Because the use of it in a business event, event organizers succeed in enhance the engagement between them and the audience. Eventually, it became the symbol of success for business events. But the utilization of VR is costly compare than the other technologies. Small businesses can’t afford the VR set up in their events so they sublet the value of VR. Therefore, usually, they take the VR on rent from VR rental companies instead of buy and get prosperous and astounding results from their audience in business event.

Event App             

The value of the event app has become immense. Through an event app, event organizers made registration and information process through the ease and convenient approach, as well as contenders, have the opportunity to interact with them directly in an effective way. The audience can get the detail about sessions which are going held in the event also the information about guest and experts through attendees can enhance their substantial knowledge skills.

Technology has been affecting through numerous ways in events and organizers have become successful to get enormous profit from it.