Morocco Is Pioneering Renewable Energy Integration

By September 19, 2018 ,
Morocco Is Pioneering Renewable Energy Integration

Morocco is constantly progressing in the energy sector. The country is now investing in sustainable energy resources within a country. Before that, most of the resources were imported from outside the country. The country is now rising up to the ranks for solar-energy projects.

Morocco Is Pioneering Renewable Energy Integration

Well, according to the resources, their target of generating energy from renewables is 42% by the 2020 and by 2050 they have set a target to 50%. With the ambitious target, Rabat is also trying to improve the energy efficiency throughout all supply and demand to ensure the returns from its clean energy programme.

The sustainable strategy of Morocco

All of the solar projects of the country are driven by the solar power agency in Morocco named as Masen. The company was founded in 2010 to lead the Solar programmes in the country. Initially, the company has focused on Noor solar Programme in Ouarzazate with solar power projects on the basis of Independent power project (IPP). The company takes 25% of the stakes in IPP projects whereas the developer takes other 75% of it.

In 2012, the company was awarded the contract of Acwa power project by Saudi Arabia. It turned out to be the most valuable project for Morocco. In 2015, Morocco became the most exciting region in the renewables market. It selected Acwa Power to develop the 200MW Noor 2 and 150MW Noor 3 CSP plants, and the combined value of both projects is $2bn.

Energy Integration

However, for now, Morocco is leading its way with some amazing strategies, and busy building the steady growth along with the efficiency. In all of this development in the energy sector, Rabat has played an important role. It has also established a new company for solar and renewable energy projects and the mandate of the company is to ensure the efficiency in the usage and storage of power to maintain it around the industrial as well as in residential areas. The company is named as Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency (AMEE).

If the country reaches its target of 50% energy by the time. The real challenge will be in the future. It has to ensure the local supply chain and jobs for the citizens.

Meanwhile, there are several little and bigger projects running down to achieve the target of generating energy from renewables. Cool, gas, wind turbines are the main resources to be used by the solar programme teams.

Morocco Is Pioneering

The country progress only when it is striving for the better. Setting the conflicts apart and focusing on the real challenges of ensuring enough resources for the citizens is what governments are supposed to do. We can clearly see that Morocco is really putting its effort for the country growth and development. You can It firmly that the bright future is ahead for the Moroccans. Now, let’s see what future Morocco attractions is holding the renewables energy sector. It will be a huge achievement if the target is achieved. It is not only bringing the energy but a hope for the better future of the country.

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