Logos and the Impact of Color Choice

By November 8, 2018
logo impact

Colors are one big reason we should be grateful for our ability to see. They please our vision and stimulate emotions. They have an impact on our perception about objects. There are a number of scientific studies that emphasis on the fact that colors are not just something that appeal our vision but they also have deeper impact on our mind. We associate ideas, emotions, events, and memories with colors. Moreover, colors also have intrinsic significance that influence our perception and emotions. They have the power to excite, sadden, irritate, and motivate us. This is the reason logo designing industry believes in paying special attention to the color palette.

Importance of Color Scheme in Logo

You must have seen many logos but you cannot recognize each of them without reading the brand name. This is because logos need a lot of detailing and effort to be effective. While designing a logo, a business’s goal is to convey certain message to its users. Designers and business marketers want the logo to strike specific meaning and deliver the business values within seconds of the first glance. Color schemes play a key role in delivering an instant message. That is, colors suggest meanings and activate imagination.

A good color choice can put a simple design to life and a bad one can have a reverse effect for sure. Whether you are a designer making a logo for your client or you are business owner deigning your own logo by using logo design tool free online, you need to understand the basics of color theory to create an effective design.

Color Psychology

Color Psychology is a wide study that is based on the idea that colors can have an impact on human behavior. This theory provides a detail information about different color tones and also tells about what colors affect a certain gender or age group, which means that a some colors influence a certain group of people more and vice versa. However, you do not need to go through the several research papers to have the basics. Below are the basic information about what some of the most used colors signify.

Yellow: Yellow is a color that reflects glow, warmth, and youth. It is associated with the sun and tends to share the characteristics when the scheme is created efficiently.

Orange: Orange is one of the colors that works as stimulants. It can illustrate the characteristics of fire and it can express youth and confidence as well. Firefox and Fanta are the examples, respectively.

Red: Red is the most used color in logo industry because it is a very strong stimulant. However, it is important to use the color a bit carefully as it has extreme associations. Red represents extreme positives like love, warmth, passion, and extreme negatives like danger, fear, and blood-stained violence.

Purple: Purple demonstrates characteristics like coolness, originality, creativity, and intelligence. It is a color that comforts the eyes and resonate royalty.

Blue: Blue is the color of professionalism, dependability, and strength. It is also translated as uniformity and peacefulness. Different shades of the color present different meaning.

Green:Green is the color of youth and nature. It is associated with lush plains, and forests, and inspires the ideas related to coolness, health, growth, and innocence. It is used mostly in the logos of the companies belonging to pharmaceutical or herbal industry.

Black and White: Black and White colors are also very important as they too help a logo design accomplish effectiveness. Black is the color that shows class and credibility. It can be a representation of evil as well so it is good to use it creatively in order to avoid negative significance and enhance the positive ones. White, the opposite of black, is the color of purity, good, and cleanliness. It signifies elegance and standard as well. However, both colors are mostly used as font colors as they can be easily visible in various types of background themes.

Lastly, here is a good advice regarding the number of colors that you should choose to use in your logo. In logos, it is advised to not to use too many colors as they can be overwhelming for the audience. Also, multiple colored logos can be a failure due to the distraction that the colors cause. However, you can take a chance to use multiple colors only when you are willing to convey an idea that multiple colors can effectively convey.