Limiting Screen -Time for Kids: Here’s How You Can Do It

Limiting Screen-Time for Kids

In the past few years, access to technology among the kids and teens has increased by leaps and bounds. Kids these days are seen either glued to the smartphones or to the television. The fact of the matter is that with the advancement of technology and the increase in smart devices, this dependence is only going to rise in the days to come. Going by the current rate of progress, tech truly seems like the answer to the future. But, by taking a look at a recent research on the screen time of kids, you will find some very shocking figures. On an average, a child spends 6 hrs in 1 day in front of a screen.

Due to this, there is also a growing concern regarding whether technology is being used in the right manner by the young generation. It is the responsibility of the parents to educate the children and help them learn the proper use of technology.

Top Ways To Ensure Proper Usage Of Technology By Kids

Ensuring the proper usage of technology by the kids is not as hard as it seems and the following ways can guide you on how to do it.

1. Limiting The Duration Of Their Exposure

The first initiative that you can take is limiting the screen time of your children. Set rules regarding the number of times and the duration for which the phone can be used by them. You can limit the usage for about three times a day for not more than one hour. Tell the kids beforehand about the punishments for breaking the rule. It can either be taking away their phones, making them do more household chores or anything else that you deem fit. Stick to the punishment that you decide upon regardless of anything.

2. Using Good Parental Monitoring Software

Using good parental monitoring software like TiSPY is always a good idea when you are trying to track the activities of your kids on the smartphone. The following are a few of the features, which make choosing TiSPY a good idea.

Call and SMS tracker: You will receive the phone number, call location, call duration, and SMS details of every person who ever contacts your child. If the number is saved in a phone book, you will also get the image and name of the person.

Keylogger: You will get to see everything that they type on their phones in the last few hours. Even if your kid deletes all the records from their phone, you can still access the information via the TiSPY dashboard.

Social media tracker: These types of parental control software offers you top features for social media like – Whatsapp tracker, facebook tracker & more. You will get to know everything about the social media accounts of your kids. This software allows you to monitor every media file that is exchanged on the social media platforms.

Live Features: A good parental monitoring software will allow you to live stream – screen, camera, and audio. This will help you to take a quick look as immediately come to know if your kids are using the smartphone at that moment.

All of these features enable you to know the amount of screen time your child is spending and whether they are engaging in the right activities.

3. Discussing And Educating The Children

Only imposing the rules and restrictions is never going to be enough. It is important to make the kids understand the negative sides of technology and how it can affect both their mental and physical health. Discuss with them regarding the extent of screen time that can be allowed and help them overcome an excessive dependence on technology.

4. Being A Role Model To The Kids

Good parenting is all about leading by example. If the child sees you sitting with your gadgets all the time, he will also try to imitate the same and then, all your warnings will fall on deaf ears. It is not a good idea for even the health of the parents to spend eight to nine hours on their devices. Thus, make sure that you limit the screen time both for the kids and for yourself.

Technology has brought the world to our doorsteps and thus, there is no denying the positive effects that it has on our lives. The key lies in ensuring the proper usage of the tech devices. With the parents properly discussing, educating, and monitoring them in the matter, the kids will surely turn out to be responsible users of technology.

Final Words and Takeaway

As kids are growing up, technology and all the fancy things connected to it are very appealing to them. However, many times, due to the immaturity, they fail to judge what is right for them and what is not. Being a parent it is our duty to protect them from the harsh word outside. The ones listed above are some of the best ways to keep your kid aware about the tech world around them but still not to be addicted to it.


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