How to Spy on Kids & Employees with Android Spy Software

By October 15, 2018
Android Spy App

Are you looking for a tool to secretly spy on your kids and workers? Whether you are an entrepreneur or a parent, you might have several reasons to spy on your working staff and children. Employee monitoring has a direct link with the company profitability this is because the employers use to monitor the productivity and performance of their workers. Meanwhile, parents are needed to supervise their kids online and offline activities to protect them from the threats prevailing in this digital age. Whosoever you are and whatsoever your reason is to spy on someone, you would be pleased to know that there are some powerful spying applications and software are available to help you achieve your objectives. Read on to know how Android spy software enables employers and parents to spy on their employees and kids in an effective way.

Android Spy Software

There are several spy apps and software rightly available to track the use of mobile phones and computers. If we particularly talk about mobile phone spy apps, there are a few reliable names such as TheOneSpy. It is Android monitoring software that allows spying on mobile phones running the Android operating system.

When the spy software is installed on the targeted mobile phone of your kids and workers, it gets access to the information stored on the target device. It includes messages, contacts, call logs, emails, photos, videos, voice recordings, internet history and other stuff. This information is then uploaded to an online spy account from where parents and employers can see this. The spy app uses the internet connection of the target device to perform these actions.

How Android Spy App AllowsSpying on Kids & Employees Mobile Phone Devices

The mobile phone surveillance app lets you monitor almost all activities performed on monitored cell phones. The parents can find out how their kids are using their mobile phones and the employers can make sure their employees use the company owned cell phone device in a responsible and productive way. We have elaborated a few core functions of the Android spy app to let you understand how it works and lets you keep an eye on your target.

Monitor Online Communication

The Android spy app lets you spy on popular social media apps and instant messengers so you can supervise the online conversations of your target. You can spy on Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Line, Viber, IMO, Snapchat, Vine, Tinder, Telegram, Tumblr, Kik, WhatsApp and many other social messengers. You can read out messages exchanged via these apps to make sure your kids do not become a target of bullies and predators.

Monitor Offline Communication

The cell phone surveillance app also lets you supervise the offline communication of your children and workers. You can check out their text messages exchanged via default messaging apps and track their phone calls.

Supervise Internet Use

This function is equally beneficial for employers and parents as it allows supervising the internet use. Parents can get access to the internet browsing history of their kids’ mobile phones to detect which websites they visit. Meanwhile, employers can make sure their workers use the company internet for official and productive purposes and not for personal and recreational purposes.

Track Emails

The employers can track incoming and outgoing emails of the workers to make sure they do not transmit confidential company information to rivalry groups. Also, it can be a best possible way to keep your workers from responding to infected phishing emails.
Monitor Photos and Videos
Do you have access to your kid’s phone gallery? If not, you may track the photos, videos, voice recordings and other media files stored on your children phone with the help of Android spy app.

Call Recording

The Android tracking app lets you listen to the secretive phone calls of your children and workers. It records all incoming and outgoing phone calls and uploads to the online spy account from where you can listen and download them. Moreover, the spy app provides call logs containing detail of call duration, call time and contact number of the callers and recipient.

That is not all. The Android spy app offers numerous other ways to monitor and manages the mobile phone devices of your kids and workers. You can know more about it from the official website of TheOneSpy.