How to Make PDF File Size Smaller Without Losing Its Quality

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make PDF file size smaller

The reduction in the size of pdf documents is termed as PDF compression. With this, the memory requirement of PDF file gets reduced. However, compressing PDF document doesn’t mean reducing the quality of PDF document but makes the PDF compact wrt size. However, many people search for how to make PDF file size smaller without compromising quality. So by looking into user queries, this blog will help you shrink PDF file size.

Quick Solution:- If you are searching for a tool for instant PDF file compression you can use a tool named as SysTools PDF Toolbox.

Need to Reduce Size of PDF Document

There are so many needs to compress large PDF file to small size, some of them are stated below

  • In most of the online forms, we require to submit our documents in PDF format which are of a certain size limit. But, most of the time the size of the original PDF file is large than the required size, so it is necessary to compress the PDF file.
  • We can compress PDF files in order to save memory space. With this PDF file compression, there could be a large amount of extra space available for the other stuff.
  • Due to the large set of online PDF forms, the site the response time of the server becomes slow. However, we can make PDF file size smaller to get a better response time.

User Queries:-

  • “I am working as an associate consultant, I want to send a PDF file but the size of PDF is very large. I have tried different manual techniques to compress it but those did not work. I even tried the online sites but did not get any fruitful results. Please tell me how to compress large PDF files into smaller size without losing its quality.”
  • “As an increase online PDF forms on my site, my web server is taking too much time to give the response. So is there is any solution with which I can shrink PDF file size.”

Advantages of Compressing a PDF File:

So there are several advantages of PDF file compression some of them are stated below:

  • PDF Archiving:- Size matters in the time of archiving files because if the size of the document is large it will take more time to archive, so it is better to compress the file before archiving.
  • Reduce the storage space:-Compressing PDF file reduce the size of PDF as a result of which we get plenty of space for other stuff.
  • Less server load:-If the size of PDF files is small then it requires less time to save on the server. As a result, the server can respond faster.
  • Optimize the speed of servers:- Server can work faster and require less space to store the compressed PDF.
  • Data Retention:- The quality of the PDF doesn’t affect by reduce size of PDF document.

Ways to Compress Large PDF File Into Smaller Size:-

There are various ways to compress a file some of them are stated below:

  1. Manual way (Acrobat Pro DC)
  2. Using tool (PDF ToolBox)

Make PDF File Size Smaller With Help of Manual Methods:-

We can compress the PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. The steps of compression are stated below:

  1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat
  2. Select “OPTIMISE” Tool from Tools.
  3. From the toolbar choose to “Reduce Size” option.
  4. To do more settings, go to “Advanced Optimisation“.
  5. Once you are satisfied press OK.
  6. File->Save As to store the PDF in other destinations rather than overwriting the same PDF document so that you are able to know the difference and memory reduced by Compressed file in comparison to the Orignal file.

Best Solution to Reduce Size of PDF Document:-

For an instant solution to compress large pdf file into smaller size we can use a tool PDF Toolbox. The main focus of the tool is to carry out the lossless compression of PDF files in batch and reduce PDF file size to the optimum.

To know the complete step by step procedure to make PDF file size smaller by the tool

  1. Install PDF ToolBox from the link below
  2. Click on the COMPRESS button to reduce the size of PDF(s).
  3. Select the PDF file(s) by clicking on Add File(s)/Add Folder.
  4. Select the destination folder path where output is to be stored.
  5. Enter the details for PDF Compress.
  6. Select Pages on which operations are to be done.
  7. Click on the Start button to start the process

Download the tool at

Advantages of Using Tool :

  1. Easy to use:- It is very easy to use this tool because it performs a specific task so it is less complicated
  2. Cheaper compare to Acrobat Pro DC:- The cost of the tool is less as compared to Acrobat Pro DC.
  3. Lifetime subscription:-Buy the tool once and you will get a lifetime subscription of the tool. Visit the link above for a free demo.
  4. User-Friendly Interface:-The tool is made in such a manner that everyone can easily understand it.
  5. This tool provides some extra functionality.
    1. Conversion of PDF to PDF/A:-Converting normal PDF files to PDF/A to make the standard file into archive form for storing the file for a longer duration
    2. Image Extraction from PDF:-Extract all the images from the PDF and store them at any destination location.
    3. Text Extraction from PDF: -Extract all text from PDF file and save them at any destination location.
  6. Additional Features:-
    1. Gives an option to Compress Images
    2. It provides compressing algorithms.

Bringing it All Together:

From the above blog, we come to know the various needs to make PDF file size smaller. Therefore, we come up with this write-up where you can find different ways to reduce the size of the PDF document. So, use any of the above techniques to shrink PDF file size.

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