How To Format USB Flash Drive Using FAT/FAT32/NTFS/exFAT

By September 21, 2018

USB flash drive is also known as the pen drive and thumb drive. It is used to stored and transfer data from one gadget to another gadget. It is a portable device. It is easy to carry. It is a small size device. In today era it is necessary for each and every users. Because users stores their precious data from USB flash drive like photos, videos, audio’s, documents etc. Pen drive necessitates cleaning and most of the times even formatting them to a file system suited to the target environment. Formatting is the best way to rid the memory stick of unwanted errors and virus programs.

Key Points Before Formatting Your Pen Drive Take Backup of Your Precious Data

Whenever users are formatting theirs USB flash drive, which format should go FAT or NTFS? Or any other? Moreover, how can users change the format of theirs USB drive from FAT to NTFS or FAT32? Here you know the answer all question one at a time.

In most of the windows systems, while formatting a pen drive 4 file system choices are presented to you- FAT, exFAT, FAT32 and NTFS. Users should select one that suits your Pen drive purpose as well as the target environment. Here I will tell you the advantage of each file systems. It assists you to make your choice.

The Advantage of The NTFS File System

If you select NTFS file system

  • Effective disk space management
  • Less space loss
  • Enhanced reliability and security with the file encryption
  • Few data array
  • Merged data so as to save disk space
  • Able to generate permissions for single files and folders.
  • Able to read and write files more than 32 GB and ahead to supreme partition size

The Advantage of FAT/ FAT32 File System

  • If you select FAT or FAT32 file system
  • Quicker executing USB owing to type operations fewer
  • Lesser memory usage
  • Fast disk scanning
  • compatibility with all OS
  • Less space is dedicated to the file system data to permit large free space to hold another data.

The Advantage of the exFAT File System

  • It is able to create partitions more than 32 GB.
  • Finer disk space management
  • Able to read and write files more than 4 GB

So if users USB flash drive which has an ability more than 32GB, users should choose NTFS or exFAT. Other than that, users should select the format that suits your work.

Now, Here We Will Discuss The Steps to Format USB Flash Drive to FAT/FAT32/NTFS/exFAT

Step 1:- Attach the pen drive into your laptop and permit it to be detected. When it is recognized, you should view an autoplay dialog box pop up asking you to select the next action. If it does not display, users can open my computer and see it the pen drive is detected as a newly mounted volume.

Step 2:- Right hit on pen drive displayed on my computer and choose format. It will open a dialog box showing the formatting options.

Step 3:- Choose the wanted file system from exFAT, FAT, FAT32, and NTFS, from the File System, drop down then poke in the name that you desire to appoint to the pen drive under Volume label and also choose the Format option.

Step 4:- Once you’ve made sure entire options are right, and users have a backup of the precious data on the USB, hit on Start to the beginner the process. When prompted, hit on OK to confirm that you wish to delete the data on the drive and format it.

Steps of Format USB to NTFS / exFAT / FAT / FAT32 Using Command Prompt?

Step 1:- Attached the memory stick into your laptop and permit it to be detected.

Step 2:- Go to the start menu then type CMD then enter

Step 3:-Supposing your pen drive is appointed the letter E: write the following command in the CMD:

For FAT: format E: /fs: FAT

For FAT32: format E: /fs: FAT32

For NTFS: format E: /fs:NTFS

For exFAT: format E: /fs:EXFAT

Step 4:- When prompted, press Y (for Yes) or N (for No) to proceed or stop the formatting.

Remember These Things When Formatting to NTFS

When formatting to NTFS file system, users want to remember to enable the removal policy of the pen drive to the healthier execution option. Here’s how to do it:

  • Right hit on the pen drive and choose Properties.
  • Under the Hardware tab select the pen drive from the listed disks.
  • Hit on Properties.
  • Choose policies with better performance.
  • Hit OK.

When Users Have Formatted Their Pen Drive Successfully That’s Good Now If You Want to Get Back Your Important Audio’s, Photos, And Videos

Users can download pen drive data recovery tool. It recovers your all types of data like photos, videos, audio’s document etc. from pen drive. It is easy to use. Users can try the free demo versions of the software.