How to Evaluate Your WordPress Website for Security Updates

By June 11, 2019

Every website design & development agency use best cms like wordpress. WordPress is very popular to make a site easily and a short time. But when beginners start their blog, they don’t know what important to check their WordPress site for a security update. The security update is needed to save your website from any types of hackers or malware attacks. The WordPress security update is essential to protect any website against common security threats.

It is a wonder; you should evaluate your website repeatedly. Most of the website over 80% is hacked because they don’t update their site regularly. You should not forget to update your website after starting a website, and it brings your site at risk.

However, don’t scare we just try to highlight the fact that your site needs to look after plus update it from time to time. Here, we try to inform you how to evaluate your WordPress website for a security update.

How many WordPress website security update release?

WordPress website becomes advanced day by day to keep your site safe. From research we can found, WordPress discharged a total

  • Of 21 updates in 2017 and 33% of them are security related.
  • Of 26 updates in 2016 and 19% of them are security related.
  • Of 21 updates in 2015 and 24% of them are security related.
  • Of 21 updates in 2014and 16% of them are security related.

This update is for good news for the owner of a website because the hacker becomes more intelligent and strong gradually. So, you should maintain all the update of WordPress and care your site habitually.

Top tips to protect your WordPress website

  • Organize WordPress backups:

If you want to save your website from a hacker, you must take a daily backup your website. It needs to free your site from any hacking and keep protect regularly.

To organize WordPress backup, you can manage the best backup system from your any reliable and secure hosting company or from any third party.

  • Apply a trustworthy and safe hosting company:

When you decided to install a WordPress, you must ensure the protective server to save your website against hackers. There are a few tips about a secure WordPress such as

  1. Server level firewall.
  2. For physical security, it uses the latest hardware.
  3. Regularly updating system.
  4. For policy, it contains the intrusion detection system.

We know, it is hard to find out a trustable hosting system. To consider your favor we recommend you a few secure hosting companies like SiteGround, Bluehost, WPEngine, Namecheap, and so on. Without them there are much-hosting companies, you need to discover them before buying your domain hosting for your site.

  • Manage the latest version of WordPress:

The basic tips for a new blogger are that they should keep their WordPress software up to date. You always keep in mind it if you are new in this field.

When you get an update from WordPress, you just know that they have set some bugs, inserted some aspects, and also added some security features.

It is good news for you that nowadays you can upgrade your site with one click. Plus you must ensure the latest theme and plugins version of WordPress.

  • Renew WordPress plugins:

Look after your competitive regularly so that you can renew your WordPress plugin as the latest update. Regularly WordPress release their update to add bugs and security holes. Sometimes it works done by a 3rd party who creates a security hole in your WordPress website.

So, try to use always continually updated plugin, and they will give you good support. If you used such a plugin which is not updated, you must renew it as early as possible.

  • Use the latest PHP version:

PHP is a very important matter, and it called the backbone of WordPress. According to the official PHP, the 7.3 is the latest version, and they also offer good security support for any stable version of PHP. It is just only for 2 years.

To keep update your WordPress website; always try to use the latest PHP version. It is very important to save your site from hacking. Change the PHP version depending on the hosting environment. So, first, check the PHP version of WordPress from the dashboard. After that, you can ask your hosting supporter to update your PHP version.

  • Use WAF:

WAF means Web Application Firewall which is highly recommended to protect the Woo-commerce or WordPress website. You know a firewall is exited in your hosting server plus network traffic. The job of a firewall is to filter out the most common threat. There are the most common three types of firewall solution in your WordPress such as:

  1. Network level or machine level.
  2. Web-application level.
  3. DNS level.
  • Keep hide WordPress version:

To evaluate your WordPress website, you must need to keep hide your WP version. It is always necessary to do. For this reason, you just add a few codes in your site.

  • Apply a complex login password:

Log in a password for a website is very important.  Many people use very simple password just like their name, cell phone number or date of birth which is not a good idea for their site. If you want to protect your site from hackers, you must apply a complex log i9n password. As a result, your website has more security, and you will assure the safety of your site.

  • Modify WordPress login URL:

If you want to prevent more attack, you have to modify your WordPress login URL. You should do it regularly, so your site keeps safe.

  • Set Google alert:

Setting Google alert is a very less known trick, but it is very useful tips for the website owner. A lot of times, many hackers add new pages which can’t see backend or frontend of your site but it will index in Google. If you set a Google alert system, it will help you to alert when something wrong happened in your site.

  • Avoid default user name admin:

Most of us do a single wrong work; we use “Admin” as a username. It is not a very good idea for us. You must use a complex username so that hacker can’t attack you easily.

Some important issue:

When you want to update your website, you can face some problems. You should know them before updating your site clearly. They are:

  • WordPress update can break your site: This problem can be made when you want to updating a plugin or theme. At that time, you may also build your site all over again.
  • Renew your premium plugin: You must renew your premium plugin in just time. Otherwise, you need to invest again for it.
  • Alert for premium themes or plugins: There are a few premium themes and plugins which don’t knock you about any update. So, you should alert them.
  • Developers sometimes not interest about theme or plugin: It may happen, your developer is not interested or don’t give attention to the update of your theme. So, I think you must knock them on it.
  • WordPress update sometimes not visible: If you have multiple sites, WordPress update is not visible.


Overall the information, we think that if you maintain the following tips and tricks you can evaluate your WordPress website for security update plus you also can protect your site from hacking. As a result, your WordPress sites stay safe from any harmful hacker.