Understand How to Create One PDF From Multiple Files Without Acrobat

By April 18, 2019 ,
create single pdf from multiple pdf files

“In this comprehensive guide, we will be going to disclose the perfect way to resolve how to combine PDF files without Acrobat. So, go thoroughly to the complete post to understand more about this topic.”

Portable document file is one of the safest forms to secure any data file. Mainly, it is utilized in various circumstances such as official document, business transaction, forms and so on. PDF is a file format which captured all the components of a printed document as an electronic image. So, a user can easily navigate, share, print and view the desired data file any time and anywhere. However, this portable document format simplified the work of digital documentation at Windows OS machines. So, most of the user requires a solution on how to create one PDF from multiple files without Acrobat. Thus, today! We will be going to provide an efficient way to do the same without any omission. Let’s get started:

Best Way to Combine Multiple Adobe PDFs into One Without Adobe Acrobat

There are many users who are looking for a manual solution to do the same. But do not ignore the fact i.e., the free version of the Adobe Reader does not permit you to input new pages to a PDF. But still, there is an alternative approach named PDF Split & Merge tool to resolve your issue. Using this amazing free PDF Merger Tool, you can easily merge multiple PDF documents. This software has the ability to merge multiple PDF files or split a large PDF document by page, range, even & odd pages.

Mainly, this tool is equipped with a self-explanatory interface. So, a non-technical user can also create single pdf from multiple pdf files within a few clicks. Moreover, the PDF Merge tool provides a unique facility such as its preview PDF file details before combining it. It will display the following details: File Name, File Size, File Path.

Steps to Create One PDF From Multiple Files Without Acrobat

Here, in this segment, we will be going to list out the instructions to execute for combining PDF files without using Acrobat in an appropriate manner. Hence, you have to follow all the steps adequately to get the expected output.

Step 1: First of all, download and run the eminent tool into your system

Step 2: Now, choose the Merge tab on the software. Subsequently, hit on the Add File(s) or Add Folder button as per your necessity.

Step 3: Here, locate and choose the PDF files then, click on the Open button to proceed further.

Step 4: Then, hit a click on the Process button to begin the procedure. Alternative, you have to choose the location for the final combined file. And click on the Save button.

Step 5: Finally, the merging procedure is completed successfully.

Why Should Choose Third-Party Tool?

As we all know, there is so many applications are obtainable over the internet to combine multiple Adobe PDFs into one. But we are here, with the perfect one. Using this efficient software, you can create one pdf from multiple files without Acrobat flawlessly. Mainly, this PDF Merge tool having some reliable features which make it unique from others so, a few of them we have discussed below. Have a look:

  • The software easily split one PDF into many small files
  • Allows to merge or create single PDF from multiple PDF files
  • Provide option Add Files / Add Folder to merge PDF in bulk
  • Split PDF document by page, range, odd pages, even pages
  • Retains the data integrity of PDF documents after merging
  • No restrictions on the number of PDF files to be combines
  • Helps in organizing legal client files in batch
  • Supports all versions of Windows OS to merge PDF files

Concluding Words

Hopefully, you will get rid of from your issue such as how to create one PDF from multiple files without Acrobat. Mainly, there is no direct free solution is available to do the same. So, you should go with an automated solution which we have already explained above. Mainly, the utility is one of the effective resolutions to combine multiple Adobe PDFs into one as a comparison to others. There are many tools are available in the market, but when we are talking about the best, so we have to take the decision wisely. Because a small wrong decision can create big problems for you.

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