How to Create a Dazing Whiteboard Animated Video?

By December 28, 2018
whiteboard animation

Creating a whiteboard animation video usually falls into two major steps, which is further divided into sub-steps to ensure that the entire process is going as expected.

These two steps include,

  • Scripting
  • Animating

Let’s discuss both the phases in depth.

  1. Tips to Create Script for Whiteboard Animated Videos

Scripting plays a vital role in creating a perfect animated video, which is why it is very important that the script of the video should be created in a high-quality so that it can attract the audience easily.

Scripting Tip # 1: Learn the Need of Creating the Whiteboard Video

The first thing that you need to cognizant of is that what the purpose of creating the whiteboard video animation is. You should know whether it is designed for the promotional use or for entertainment, as it will help you set the duration or length of the script and video accordingly.

Scripting Tip # 2: Storyline Must Be Effective

The story must be created in a way that it talks to the audience, and they will feel attached to the scenes and will gain more interest in watching the video.

Scripting Tip # 3: Discuss All the Problems and Their Suitable Solutions in the Story

No matter for what reasons you are creating the whiteboard video, there should be problems that are needed to be discussed, and also their suitable solutions should be foretold to the audience.

Scripting Tip # 4: Script Should Be Able to Deliver the Right Message to the Audience

Remember that the message should be in clear wordings, and the audience can perceive it easily by watching the video. It shouldn’t be hidden behind any complexity or technicality that the audience has to strive to get the meaning out of it.

Scripting Tip # 5: Create Characters More Artistically

Characters are considered to be the backbone of any story; it would be the best option to create the characters uniquely and with much concentration. Try to use real-life characters or audience’s persona to build the characters, as it will help the audience to gain more interest in the video.

Scripting Tip # 6: Proofread You Script After You Are Done Writing It

Once you are done writing the story for the video, proofread the entire material and fix all the errors. Also, it would be a best practice if you could read the script in a loud and audible voice to hear your own script so that you can see if the story sounds appropriate or not so that you can make relevant changes on the spot before it goes to the development phase.

  1. Tips To Create a Video for Whiteboard Animation

After the scripting is done, the video has to be created following the exact same storyline. It is true that the viewers will get involved in the story of the video but they will also be more attracted is the quality of the video will be good.

Animation Tip # 1: Know the Audience for That Video

It is imperative that you should know for whom the video is intended for, is it for any specific gender, or any particular age group people. Knowing the category of the audience will help to create the actions and the video accordingly.

Animation Tip # 2: Sketch the Drawings before Applying It to the Professional Tool

Drawing the scenes first on the paper will help you see what improvements can be done or will tell you how to make the scene look more attractive. It is easy to makes changes in the hand-drawn sketch rather than on the professional tool.

Animation Tip # 3: Perform the Action to Judge Whether the Movements Are Appropriate or Not

Animators that work in the professional video animation company always follow this key step to be sure that none of the action seems offensive or inappropriate in any so that the audience would rate it low.

Animation Tip # 4: Make a Wise Decision While Selecting the Right Tool

There are innumerable tools available in the market and as well on the internet that allows the animator to create the animated videos of all kinds. A rookie might select any of these tools and can create a video in low quality, but a professional animator must be able to choose the best software that is used primarily for creating whiteboard animation video.

Animation Tip # 5: Don’t Forget to Include the Basic Whiteboard Animation Elements

There are three necessary features that are compulsory to include in every whiteboard animated video. These three elements include a drawing hand that keeps on drawing the images, white background to support the actual theme of the video and the black drawings.

Animation Tip # 6: Try to Include Some Creative & Unique Perks to Make It More Attractive

Think of something unique that makes the video look a little different but does not disturb the theme and idea of the whiteboard animation.