How does a mattress minimize tossing and turning?

By August 20, 2019 ,

A mattress that can take the natural shape of our body would help in reducing tossing and turning.

Let me explain how – Our body is not uniform and has certain body parts which are protruding like hips and shoulders and are high pressure areas and while back straight. Lets take example of a soft mattress – it will keep back straight but would create huge discomfort at high pressure protruding body parts (as the parts are not able to go down on a hard mattress). And this would lead to tossing and turning.

Check The Sleep Company Smart GRID Mattress: This is a patent pending technology invented by scientists and sleep experts from DRDO. The Smart GRID structure takes the shape of your body – FIRM on the back while cuddling hips & shoulders

Pain Relieving Comfort & Support: Smart Grid has a column structure. These columns buckle down and cuddle small body parts like hips & shoulders. While the walls withstand the pressure and stay FIRM at a bigger body parts like back to keep spine straight

Smart Grid Mattress – Ultimate Sleep Technology for Back Pain

  • Firm on Back while Soft on hips & shoulders: the walls of the Grid buckle down on smaller body parts like hips and shoulders to cuddle them while they withstand the pressure on a bigger body part like back and stay FIRM keeping spine straight. This helps in relieving pain points and providing comfort.
  • Free Air Flow Technology: The Open Grid structure promoted air flow
  • Motion Isolation Technology ensures no partner disturbance even if you partner moves alot

Check us out at The Sleep Company website and give feedback – we would love to improve further and help each one of us achieve better and better quality of Sleep. Happy & Healthy Sleep to you!

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