How Bright is Our Future with AI?

Artificial Intelligence

Technology always affects our lives. For better or worse depends on our usage of it. But either way, it does have an effect. Can you imagine living without your internet plans? Most of us couldn’t. Because we have integrated that technology into just about every aspect of our lives.

The same is true with AI technology. Artificial Intelligence is not a new technology. We have had many forms of AI in the past. But today’s AI technology is far superior. We have managed to develop it to a point where it has some real-world applications. 

There are still some kinks that need to be worked out though. Remember Microsoft’s AI experiment, Tay? We all know she learned the wrong things and reposted those ideas as her own. And we shouldn’t mock Microsoft for making a Nazi AI. Because, until they got it wrong, they got it right. So with tech giants and hundreds of newcomers all working on AI, where is it all heading? That’s the main question in everyone’s minds right now. And that is what this blog will uncover.

AI In Entertainment

Obviously, we are not talking about AI casting in Hollywood movies, like Skynet in the Terminator. Today we use AI in almost all our sources of online entertainment. YouTube and Netflix are the best examples to look at. They have integrated AI systems into their algorithms. What they do, if you don’t already know, if constantly learn about our viewing habits. They constantly suggest more titles and videos for us to watch. They even know what it means if watch for 5 minutes and switch to something else.

So as it stands, AI is our guide to entertainment. But what is the next advancement? Experts say that the logical way forward is that eventually everything will be automated. We will be able to depend on AI to create our playlists for us.

And if we move towards speculations, some techies say that AI could start creating. Things like songs and animations using digital performers could give everyone personalized entertainment. That means we would watch shows and listen to songs that were created just for us.

AI in Medicine

Let’s step away from entertainment and look at something that is far more important. Our health. Already numerous companies all over the world are working on this. They are trying to integrate better AI into medical technology that can help doctor diagnosis. AI technology can help doctors treat patients their patients correctly. So there will be far less human error to worry about.

And if we speculate towards the future, then medical experts believe that AI could administer basic healthcare. That means they would advance enough to diagnose patients on their own and administer basic medications.

AI on the Roads

We already have autonomous cars. Driving is one of the most difficult things to do. There are so many variables to consider all at once. Google has been the leader in self-driving car technology. First with the self-driving car project and then with Waymo.

Waymo is a taxi service that is currently operational in Metro Phoenix. The taxis are all completely autonomous. So yes, the world has a self-driving taxi service. Something that Hollywood promised us we would get on Mars. Waymo’s AI is sophisticated enough to take inputs from many different sources. These inputs are then converted to actions in real-life, just like we do. If another car comes in front of a Waymo, it can safely slow down or avoid collision by swerving.

Where can we go from here? Well, the obvious place is autonomous everything. Cars, buses, trucks, even planes. That’s where AI technology could take our transportation.

AI in Life

Most of us have already integrated AI personal assistants into our daily routine. The most common are Amazon’s Alexa and Echo, but there are many more options.  But right now they can do basic tasks we ask of them. They can control our smart homes on instructions and perform tasks like repeat our weekly takeout orders.

But the obvious next step is that they will be advanced enough to manage our entire personal lives. They could automatically manage our calendars, and take care of our homes. Without us having to give them instructions to do so.

Imagine that. Living in a completely automated home. The Personal Assistant AI system could use the camera system to see that you have spilled cereal. It could send the automatic vacuum to the spill and clean it up without the need for any commands.


AI is a very versatile bit of technology. It has uses in medical technology, personal, and home technology. It even has uses in voice service technology, like speech recognition. There is tremendous potential for AI to improve our lives.


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