How API XML Integration is Working for Travel Industry

By January 4, 2019

The term XML API is frequently used by techies and suppliers in travel industry. This term has changed the visage of travel industry in a very short duration. From the time, internet has monopolized everything in our life, travel industry couldn’t stay behind anymore. Day by day, the industry is flourishing its roots and facilitating the fruits to the travelers without the need of climbing the tree. Travelling is a trend which won’t fade away ever. New generation keeps on coming and every generation will explore the beautiful world. So, travelers will definitely seek assistance from a highly advanced technology solution, which will enable them to make their travel itinerary as per their requirements.

An XML basically acts as a translator between customers and suppliers allowing different formats or programming languages to be compatible. It enables travel agency to provide real time access to the availability of flights, hotel rooms etc. It is also called third party supplier and it acts as an interpreter between travel suppliers and travel agencies to be compatible so that the information of suppliers can be fetched on the online travel portal.

Application Programming Interface or API is a series of web services that can be used via hypertext transfer protocol and execute a remote system to host the requested services.

Benefits of Travel API XML Integration are:

  • Helps to develop and maintain inventory
  • Takes care of branding and marketing related initiatives as it conceals the information about actual Travel API Provider which is the source of all essential data
  • Multiple API data can be integrated into only one web based system to offer the end user a better inventory
  • Allows OTA to opt for target marketing on the basis of geography by integrating with dominant suppliers of the particular location

API XML Integration Services helps to centralize the entire inventory management, increases distribution channels in a low-budget. Getting global exposure for your travel business is no more a difficult task. You can integrate such services to serve the customer as per your target marketing strategy. It will empower you to meet customer’s endless needs and improve their booking experience.