Evaluate payroll software for your small business

By April 2, 2019 ,

Only a business owner can truly understand the true worth of his profits. He cannot get away from the fact that investments are necessary. If he wants his business to flourish, he must invest. One of the software that is increasingly invested in by the companies is a good payroll software. It saves time, increases efficiency, and saves you from the legal troubles. Many online payroll systems are available in the market easily. So, if you will not know the ways to evaluate and differentiate between them; you will not be able to invest in the best.

Hence, here we mention what payroll software should primarily have.

Setup, training, and dashboard-

It should be easy for the business to set up. A dashboard should be there to guide you through. UI and training must be simple. The service provider must also give basic knowledge of paychecks, knowledge and terms. Moreover, the videos, the language and everything else should be simple too.


The systems you are considering must allow you to insert the information. It should also be able to withhold the tax amount and prepare the paychecks. The provision to allow you to write on printed checks and direct deposits is also necessary.

W-2 Forms-

The payroll software must have the provision to create the W-2 forms. It should give every employee information related to their tax and wage information in the month of January. Otherwise, it will become quite hassle-some for you to prepare the forms yourself.

File and deposit taxes related to payroll-

After including the 941 forms ( including the quarterly wage, tax statement and federal and state tax forms for unemployment), it should make the payment on your behalf. Filing and paying taxes using the software will lessen the chances of errors.

Tax guarantees-

 The software should be able to send the tax forms before the deadlines. Every other month, there are some payroll deadlines necessary for compliance. If the software cannot keep a tab on everything and save you from the penalties, it is not worth using.

Mobile accessibility-

This is another important thing that payroll software must have. Android and iOS applications of the same can help HR in a lot of ways. They can check the dashboard, make iterations, and send information to the computer.


 Employee self-service help the employees log in and get information related to their YTD paychecks. They should even be able to change the information form online.

Well integrated with accounting system-

When your payroll software is integrated with the accounting system you end up saving a lot of time and money. The information related to salary and reimbursements can easily be transferred if both of them are integrated.

Other than the updates, security and backup are the other important evaluation measures. All of the above-mentioned measures will help you in evaluating the different types of payroll software and systems so that you can buy the best. So, start your search today!