Emblem Logo Design Inspiration

By June 11, 2019 ,
logo design inspiration

The logo is a pictorial representation of an organization. Some logos use words—like the brand’s name or its initials. Others use graphics and images. Emblem logo designs are a combination of the two different types of logo designs, giving it a sophisticated feel. However, the questions that appear choose an emblem design rather than a simpler logo?

To elaborate, let’s discuss the benefits your brand can have with the emblem logo.

  • It provides a sophisticated, distinguished and prestigious look to your brand
  • Provide a modern look keeping alive the traditional values of the organization
  • Connects your company with its history
  • Tie consumers to the brand

An emblem logo dates back from the era of the kings where they used personal marks in stamps stuck in wax as a signature. This is the major reason why they are round in shape. One more characteristic of the emblem logo is that it usually has a mascot rather than relatable characters.

Now that you understand where emblem logos come from let’s discuss some example of emblem logos that can inspire you to choose emblem logos for your organization.

Vintage Emblem Logos

As said above, emblem logos communicated the value of the organization to the customers. Vintage emblems are popular among industries and companies that want to evoke a traditional feel. It can be said that using vintage emblems is an eccentric way to play with the customer’s emotions.

Vintage emblems contain more text and limited colors than modern emblems. It relies more on contrast to make words and image pop out. One of the examples of vintage emblems can be Ford’s vintage logo design.

Traditional Emblem Logos


It can be said that vintage emblems and traditional emblems are quite the same. Where this is true, they are similar, but each holds its own significance. Traditional and vintage emblems can make a brand feel trustworthy and established, but the difference is how they communicate with the audience.

Vintage designs are older and conventional styles reimagined. Conversely, a traditional emblem is just traditional. Simply put, they make the designer follow a set of rules and a limited tool box to create it. This doesn’t necessarily mean traditional emblems aren’t creative; it’s just that they are more close to not pushing boundaries while designing. One example of traditional emblems can be taken from general electric giving the brand a traditional look. You can take assistance from logo design services to design a traditional emblem for your company.

Modern Emblem Logos


A modern emblem logo design can be used to communicate similar values such as the traditional or vintage emblem design, but it provides the design with a more modern look than being old school. If you belong to an industry that delivers a more conservative side, having a modern emblem logo can be a powerful way to communicate that you are progressive.

Take an example of the Starbucks logo. It has modernized and rebranded establishing its emblem to its core to stand alone.

Bold Emblem Logos


Contrast is the key to a successful emblem logo design because it is going to appear at all different places. It can be printed in black and white or at backgrounds, which can lead to colour change in various tones—it can all affect the effectiveness of the design. So whether you use a wide-ranging colour palette or a contrast of two different shades, being the designer, you need to make the colour pop. This is what can make your logo design instantly recognizable. Just take a look at the bold colour combination of the Superman logo from DC comics.

Scholarly Emblem Logos


Emblem logos are great to convey authority, and if you own an educational institute or non-profit organization, this is one of the best ways to show that you are a leader in your subject and you can communicate your knowledge further effectively. Come to think of it, bookstores, medical groups and law firms are some of the most prominent examples that have been benefitting from scholarly emblem logos. Some of the Ivy League schools like Harvard, Colombia, Princeton and more use scholarly emblems to show they are authoritative.

Medieval Emblem Logos


Emblem logos are great at telling stories. Among all the different styles of emblems, medieval emblems are the best at telling detailed stories than others. You can relate them with the banners of medieval knights stitched with images of a castle or stylized animals. Everyone might be aware of the golden lion of house Lannister or the dire wolf of house Stark. These emblems were used to represent notable families and describe their houses and nobility along with the history of the house.

As said above, using a medieval emblem logo won’t just tell describe our company, but it can also tell your story in clear pictorial form through colours and imagery.


Emblem logos are great at describing your values and business message with ease. It can tell your history and story in simple symbols giving your organization a sophisticated look. However, you need to make your emblem more inspirational for the audience so they can choose to do business with you.