Dual Advantages Of Javascript Developer

By October 13, 2018

Javascript is one of the best script programming languages to building the modern web app and mobile app. 98 % website used Javascript either front-end or backend. Dual advantages of javascript developer they can build front end and backend. Well, we can now use single programming, for the client side, and server sides. Due to this javascript gaining popularity, amongst all kind of developers. Javascript contains many advantages Here we bring advantages of the javascript developer.

Advantages Of Javascript Developer You Need To Know

  • Easy to use
  • SDK, Code, and library easily available to implement any kind of custom task.
  • Javascript offers very lightweight website those are compatible with mobile browsers.
  • Speed and security handle easily in javascript.
  • Javascript using everywhere, the front of the web, backend of the web, also mobile apps compatible all device.

Best Javascript front-end frameworks –

  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue

Best javascript backend frameworks for backend

  • Express
  • Meteor
  • Koa2

Best Javascript frameworks for mobile apps

  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • Flutter

Javascript development divided into two segments as we mention in below front end and backend. The expertise of one segments bring quality works but due to cost-effective approach demand of full stack developer increasing. Full stack development using javascript by single developer bring fast output.

Front-end  – First impression is last impression using javascript a  developer can build creative as well functional front-end easily. Effects and animation not only provide web apps feature rich as well increase ROI.  Javascript bringing many kinds of innovation such as Google Doodle to attractive landing pages.

Front-end developers can easily create animation, effects on the web app because they were doing expertise works on this. But for developing functional websites always have the requirement for the backend developers.

Back-end – the most important part of any web app is backend. in this section, a developer implements logic to store and retrieve data from the database as per users needs.  In the past backend developer work for different backend technology such as PHP, Ruby, Python. Due to this kind of development approach multiple teams of developer required.

When multiple teams of different technology stacks developer work they have some barriers to communicate with each other if the all the sections of development teams do not have expertise. Due to this the cost of web development increases because this needs expert developer as well manager to handle this.  If all teamwork on the same stack the communication between teams will flow in the same path and this bring more productions.  Evaluation of recent javascript development solves the problem of multiple technology stacks. Now Javascript can be used in the front end as well backend. This kind of approach of development calls full stack development approach.

Full Stack – in this a single developer can work on both ends of a web app such that front end as well backend. Well, a survey suggests that this kind of developers can be cost-effective because this reduces development time.  We at Pixel Point Technology offer service hire full stack developers using transparent billing with hourly and fixed price model.

When the budget is limited and launching MVP using full stack development can be a single source of success. Full stack developer can create front end of the website as well store the data in the database.

Mobile app development using javascript can be implemented these days using javascript frameworks as we mention above top javascript frameworks for mobile development using these a single developer can create featured rich mobile apps for both platforms this is also gaining popularity.

Conclusion –

Above mention approach of web development which is used to divide web developers segments those work as a freelancer, or agency developers. The dual advantage of javascript developer that can work on all sections of the development process.