Do You Want To Innovate With Marketing Videos? 360 Video Is an Option

360 degree video marketing

360-degree videos-also known as VR or virtual reality-are a form of video that shows a spherical scene in which the camera captures all possible angles from the point where it is placed.

Although there are endless applications that will allow you to achieve a 360 degree effect, these only work to take still pictures. To record a video in this spherical format, the only option that exists is to acquire a special camera. While the cost of specialized cameras is very high, many companies have turned to producing houses that offer 360 ° marketing videos. There are more and more spherical videos that appear on compatible platforms such as Facebook or YouTube, and this audiovisual style works very well within a market strategy. As we know that technology advances very fast and sometimes it is very difficult to keep up with the trends of the internet, soon we will tell you three of the benefits you can get if you include the 360 ° videos in your company’s networks.

1. Use the 360° marketing videos to show a side never before seen of your company or product

The ease to move between different angles of the video, make it easy to observe every corner of the space presented. Imagine that your company produces energy drinks and decide to promote themselves in networks with a 360 ° video of the factory in which the product is bottled. All the followers of your company will be able to observe every detail of the factory, as well as see the bottling process. If they are produced in series, this type of videos can work to establish a more personal relationship between brand and consumer, one of the main objectives that anyone who makes marketing videos looks for.

2. Marketing videos for event coverage can be very different

Promoting an event usually requires showing photos or videos of the most important events, as well as the response of the audience that attends. If usually the idea is to review an event so that people feel part of it, what better than a 360 ° video to make any spectator feel like an assistant? Another feature that does not yet exist but that is very little to be integrated by the networks, will be the facility to transmit live, but with the spherical format. It is very clear that all these possibilities make marketing videos can involve much more to your audience.

3. With the 360° marketing videos, the limit depends on you

Whether for some extreme adventure, a video blog or a music video, the spherical format has an innovative air that depends a lot on the creativity of the filmmakers. Currently the 360 ° video is just beginning, so it really has not been pigeonholed in a specific style of realization. We recommend you talk to your reliable production company to see if they provide the service of the videos in 360 °.


360 Degree video is the best option for the marketing purpose where each and every view is recorded. Go for it to make your video most powerful and attractive.


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