Consider some major factors before buying your Smartwatch

By August 22, 2020
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Here we leave you some guidelines, tips and elements to keep in mind so that you buy a smartwatch that does comply with everything you need.

Many things have been said about smartwatches: That we do not understand them, that we do not know what functions they fulfill in our lives and above all that we do not know why we should buy one. But if there is one thing that is true about them, it is that they cause us tremendous curiosity. Because once someone we know has it, they cannot live without it.

Having a smartwatch is like controlling life from the wrist and doing that can be very tempting for some people. Smartwatches like Samsung Gear S3, Apple Watch Series 2 and LG Watch Sport offer functions that can really improve your life. Although smartwatches do not enjoy the popularity of smartphones, more and more users are trying these wearables that were born under the promise of replacing the mobile phone but that today are still a complement, with some notable exceptions. The truth is that it brings to our life new processes and ways of understanding how we relate to our innovative technology. 

Therefore, to clarify doubts and present all the benefits that a smartwatch can bring us, we have brought all the answers to the questions we ask ourselves before buying it.

What is really a smartwatch?

It may seem like a basic question, but it is not. Not all of us really know what a smart watch is. And to ensure that we are all on the same page, a smartwatch is a wearable, that is, a device designed to be used permanently and that works as an antenna to your digital world that connects to the rest of your devices. 

One of the major advantages of using smartwatches than other electronic devices is that they are very user-friendly as people have been using it for the last few years and so it is not new for them. However, it is also the fact that smartwatches are used as a complement to the technology devices that we are already used to using in our daily lives.

What functions integrated into the smartwatch?

All functions of a smartwatch are very specific. It is an element that wants to make your performance more efficient in all aspects of life, that’s why it is highly used to monitor health, body rhythm and is an element whose main premise is to help you quickly. But to make it more evident, these are the essential functions that every smartwatch should have.

  • Activation of notifications (calls, emails, WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Comply with quick response functions (calculator, flashlight, timer, voice memos, etc.)
  • Help you monitor your health (count steps, measure heart rate, propose training programs, etc.)

What should I keep in mind in a smartwatch?

Mainly it should be able to sync with your current operating system. In short, you can connect either with Android or with IOS. In addition to being compatible with your operating system, which is basic, here is a list of the essentials that every good smartwatch should have. So you can consider each of these requirements when buying it.

  • A good capacity for internet connection;
  • NFC technology, that is, it has an integrated electromagnetic field that can be connected to other electronic devices and that allows the exchange of information. It is very useful when making secure payments just by presenting the watch;
  • A resistant screen since being on the wrist and in constant movement, it is usually more exposed than other electronic devices;
  • GPS is essential for those who want to play sports and measure their distances and performance; and
  • It must be all-terrain, that is, it has a good battery capacity and is waterproof.

Which one should you buy?

The one you like best! Smart watches are increasingly detached from cell phones so they can be synchronized with any device. Whether it is Android, IOS or Huawei, here the important thing is to think about what you want and also about the style you want to wear.

Some look like a standard watch whereas others have futuristic styles that are also amazing. A tip is to buy one that feels and looks good for you on all occasions and, above all, helps you with the activities you want to do throughout the day.

If you are interested in all the innovations in technology, to close as it should, we recommend these phones (Galaxy Z Flip, IPhone SE, Huawei P40 lite, Huawei Y9, Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s) that can combine perfectly with your desired smartwatch and this guide to understand a little about operating systems.

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