Career Benefits of the CompTIA A+ Certification

By February 19, 2019 ,

CompTIA has been the pioneer of Its certifications for decades now, and its prominence and acceptability continues to grow. Over 2.2 million people have earned the prestigious CompTIA certifications since its inception, and one of the most popular certifications is called CompTIA A+ certification, which is basically a foundational certification which tests an individual’s basic skills and fundamentals. This A+ certification is highly sought out by employers, and that is why, QuickStart has been conducting an exhaustive and extensive CompTIA training to train all individuals, no matter how much experienced they are, in attaining this certification. In this article, we will be taking a quick look in the benefits of a CompTIA A+ certification for you career.


The most notable career benefits from a CompTIA certification lies in the numerous new skills an individual learns. Students of the CompTIA training and preparing for the certification learn to identify the hardware components of PCs and mobile digital services, familiarize themselves with networking and security fundamentals, learn the operational procedures and the basic components of operating systems along with understanding how to manage systems and data storage. Furthermore, applicants are able to install, configure, optimize and maintain Microsoft Windows and install network technologies and capabilities. Moreover, CompTIA certified individuals also know how to work on the security of a system, implement security controls and troubleshoot frequently occurring issues. All of this, in addition to a lot more is covered in the CompTIA certification, and all of this is also covered in the CompTIA trainings.

 Career and salary growth

The certifications are considered the key factor in most cases when it comes to progress in a career, as it not only equips you with the essential skills, but gives a great boost to your resume which widens you career opportunities along with the possibility of a higher pay.

Built by the experts

The great thing about CompTIA A+ certification is that the certification, along with all the other certifications offered by CompTIA are designed by industry professionals belonging to various industries and specializations. Therefore, clearing this gives you a green light from the individuals at the top of the information technology market.


You’re alone when you complete your CompTIA certification, as the holders of these certifications have gone on to build a strong community whether it is through CompTIA’s professional association and AITP or even through social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. These mediums allow for great interaction, discussions and learning opportunities for the members of the community.

A better work-life balance

The certification opens doors to new opportunities and Information technology fields, which results in far more interesting work pertaining to your specialty, in comparison to monotonous and rigorous IT jobs which are usually help by low-level IT technicians. This then results in a better work-life balance. Therefore, without any further decision lag, apply for the CompTIA A+ certification and go through the CompTIA trainings offered by QuickStart to open your own gateway of success in the IT world.