Blockchain Technology Disrupting these Top 7 Industries


The future is bright for blockchain technology and it has already turned the industries upside down. With the rise of Bitcoin (electronic cash), the blockchain technology came into existence – the technology that runs Bitcoin. The blockchain is considered as one of today’s groundbreaking technologies. It has already proven itself by disrupting many industries and is likely to do in the near future.

Did you know that by 2030, blockchain-based identity will be able to decentralize data collection, cross verify data through a consensus mechanism and store all the information on a decentralized immutable ledger? Doing so will reduce the risks of a security breach, have high reliability, high efficiency and self-sovereignty.

According to sources, around 1.5 billion people belonging to the developing world lack proof of identity, that includes more than 65 million refugees. With technology like blockchain-based self-sovereign identity platforms, this will help the disenfranchised population using tools to obtain and maintain legal documentation. This is just an example of one segment where the technology is going to be used extensively.

Currently, 65% of the population believe that blockchain will have a positive societal impact that will go beyond their own businesses. And around 44% of organizations are already adopting to blockchain technology globally.

Today’s infographic gives us a glimpse of the impact blockchain technology has advanced beyond the world of banking and finance. Let’s have a closer look at the rest of the industries said to be majorly impacted by blockchain technology:

  • Real Estate industry
  • Healthcare
  • Government sector
  • Startups
  • The Legal industry
  • The Video industry

The demand for expert professionals in blockchain is being hunted by blockchain technology companies. The number of job opportunities has grown more than fivefold in the past years. Also, according to LinkedIn, blockchain professionals were said to be the top in-demand professionals amongst five-emerging job role in December 2018.

  1. Blockchain Developer – 33X growth
  2. Machine Learning Engineer – 12X growth
  3. Application Sales Executive – 8X growth
  4. Machine Learning Specialist – 6X growth
  5. Professional Medical Representative – 6X growth

Although blockchain is the most in-demand technology, there is still a mismatch between the job availability and the number of professionals with the required skills. The situation is grave which is why people having interest in the blockchain space are now looking for blockchain certification provider with extensive knowledge and hands-on training.

There is a deep feeling that blockchain is going to be the next wave in the coming era and will disrupt almost every industry one way or another. Are you ready for the next wave of technology innovation?

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