Best Tips to Design Fantastic Logos

By November 9, 2018
logo designing

If you are reading this guide, then chances are that you want to design a logo. Designing a logo might seem simple at first; drawing a circle, writing in a business name and everything is set to go. However, if you are really worth the great money, then you will need to do a lot more. There are about millions of people in the field of logo design, building crappy and degraded logos every day. So how do you stand out and build high quality logos.

Having said, in this article, we are going to reveal the best tips to design amazing logos. Read along to discover everything:

Picking the Right Color

Among the top considerations of building a great logo design is choosing the right color palette. In essence, it is not an easy task, color holds immense importance in term of carrying ideas. Many times, you are mesmerized with color of a specific brand, however, you can choose to explore. Many people like vibrant palette while other like dark ones. Above all, you should keep in mind that a logo should be versatile and function perfect in grayscale.

Besides the grayscale version, many clients prefer logo in a single and true version of a color i.e. ones built with black color or negative space. It would be quite tricky, but possible. You can consider what a logo will be utilized for and if different use cases need different versions of logo.

Get Rid of the Cliché

Logo design is influenced with the industry trends. People want to learn about design trends, and repeating same idea over and over again makes a logo appear lifeless. The standard archetype is being utilized again in the logo industry and becoming old rapidly.

Why not choose a design that you had thought about rather than starting with what everyone is doing. We have written an entire article about displaying logo design clichés. If you are thinking about how to create my logo, then some tools that allow you to create logos hassle freely. You need to ensure that the logo does not represent uninspiring feel to the audience.

Utilize a Visual Double Entendre

Several favorite logo designs worldwide leverage the power of a technique called visual double entendre, an overly fancy method to say that a logo has two pictures wrapped into a single one through wise interpretation of an idea. Above all, logos that are built through clever and memorable idea leave a lasting impression on the mind of the audience. Viewers tend to love the mind games that you play and are prone to applaud a design due to such aspect.

A logo Should Appear Ownable

Instead of following others and going after what they are doing, you should aim to come up with a unique design. In this way, you will stay safe from cliché designs. When designing a logo, remember that the first idea might be quite generic. Having said, you should fill a notebook page with some sketches prior to choosing ideas for proceeding further. When you want to be unique, there is almost nothing that can provide your logo with a distinct feel, like amazing custom writing.

We often view logo as a visit to the font family and see what typeface makes a company appear great. In case, someone is paying you to create their logo, they expect you to give in the best efforts.

Keeping it Simple

Not everyone can create a beautiful and hand-made script. Just being a designer does not mean you are a maestro in illustration and typography. In case, you fit well with this description, then do not need to panic as nothing can stop you from creating awesome logos. You should remember to Keep Everything Simple. Simple logos have proven to be the best icons. If you are thinking about how simple a logo should be, then consider the Apple Logo with a bite.

The Apple logo is nothing complex, except for the bite that gives it a character, making it distinct, and delivering strong message to the audience. Without the bite, Apple will appear boring, and with it apples becomes iconic. You need to always think about how do you go an extra mile and convert the boring ideas into the remarkable brands.

Final Words

So far, we have revealed the best tips to design fantastic logos. If you know of more tips to create logo, then feel free to mention them.