Apply Bates Numbering on Multiple PDF Files – Quick Solution

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bates numbering multiple files

“Hi, Our legal firm is using portable documents from the very long time. But, during the discovery phase of litigation, where a large number of documents need to be referenced and shared, we decided for bates stamping legal documents. So, that there will be no difficulty while referencing those legal files. But, we are unable to find any reliable solution for the same. Please, someone, suggest me any manual method or tool for Bates numbering multiple files.

Does the problem seem familiar to you? If yes, then do not lose hope. The solution for PDF Bates stamping is very straightforward. All you have to do is read the blog till the end and all your doubts will be clear. So, let us begin.

In today’s arena, Bates stamping is used by many lawyers, legal professionals, attorneys, students and in many business fields. Basically, with the PDF Bates numbering technique, a user can uniquely identify document pages with sequential numbers or numerical markings. Generally, it helps legal teams to do the identification of case evidence, distinguish business receipts, and sort documents. But, at times attorneys or many legal firms find difficulty in bates numbering multiple files. So, in this blog, we will discuss the simple approach to add bates numbering to PDF files efficiently.

Bates Stamping Legal Documents Using Adobe Acrobat

Attorneys or many paralegals need to insert bates numbers in PDF so that it becomes easier for them to analyze each page sequentially. Here is the step-by-step process explaining how to add bates numbering to legal documents using Adobe Acrobat Professional:

  • Open Adobe Acrobat Pro application to add PDF page numbers
  • Open the PDF document to insert bates
  • Click the Advanced option
  • After that, a user has to click on Number Pages Option
  • Fill the page number details and choose bates number style, prefix, and start number
  • Lastly, click OK button to add bates number legal documents

Manual Limitations to Add Bates Numbering to Legal Documents

As we know Adobe Acrobat is a feature-rich and very easy-to-use product. Using this application a user can add bates stamping legal documents but it has some limitations i.e. Adobe Acrobat Pro full version is needed. It is not easy for normal users to have the full version of Adobe Acrobat hence they look for some alternative solution.

Automated Solution for Bates Numbering Multiple Files

After reading the above section we can conclude that manual approach has some drawbacks. Thus, to overcome the limitation of the manual method, we highly recommend users to use SysTools PDF Bates Numberer. This is one of the simple solutions to add bates numbering to legal documents. Its easy graphical user interface makes the PDF Bates stamping process much easier.

Some Eminent Features of the Tool

  • Add page numbering to PDF files in batch
  • Insert prefix and suffix along with bates stamp
  • Allows bates numbering on protected PDF files
  • Set the color and position of the page number
  • Add additional text and set its position
  • Stamp current date at top right


To apply sequential page numbers in PDF files we have illustrated two solutions. One is manual and other is the professional tool. Using manual techniques attorneys or paralegals can add Bates numbering to legal documents. But, due to its high cost, we recommend an automated solution as the first choice for bates numbering multiple files.